Drug addiction Approaches that masks Low Self-esteem

Low self-esteem can really take a toll on a person and make one likely to experiment with drugs. Research shows that people with low self-esteem have a difficult time with beating substance abuse. Discover how drug addiction can be tied to low self-esteem in many cases.

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Causes of low self-esteem

There are several main causes of low self-esteem. A person that feels they have no sense of stability in their life or control over their life can lead to self-esteem problems. A person who abuses drugs and alcohol may feel like they are insignificant. This is especially the case when a person feels like they don’t have the affection or attention they need. Feeling as though they are a bad person is another cause. People may feel as though they are unloved and unappreciated. Incompetent can also be an indicator as well. People may feel as though they are having a hard time maintaining a certain amount of control over their life. These people may find it difficult to trust others or may fall into the cycle of trusting people who should not be trusted.

How low self-esteem can lead to drug addiction?

Low self-esteem is rooted in the belief of one’s sense of self-worth. The issues may start in childhood and can affect a person into the later years in life. If they aren’t counteracted in any way, the person becomes more and more likely to feel insecurity and uncertainty about everything they encounter in life. This increases the chances of a person developing a drug addiction problem.

Masking self-esteem with substance abuse

Many people who are introverts are more likely to drink heavily in order to get out of their shells. People who somehow feel as though they aren’t proficient or good at something may feel much more capable when abusing their drug of choice. According to Florida State University research, eleven-year-old boys who had low self-esteem were more likely to have a drug addiction problem by the age of 20. The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University research states that high school girls with low self-esteem were twice as likely to have a drug or alcohol problem than those who didn’t suffer from low self-esteem.

Managing low self-esteem long term

The ability to manage one’s self-esteem long term is critical to remaining sober. If a person realizes that they will encounter periods where they will have low self-esteem from time, the person can be prepared for when those moments hit. If the person works to build their self-esteem from the perspective that a healthy sense of self-worth comes from within, there will be less of a need to rely on others to bolster it and improve it. It is important to take small steps in building one’s self-esteem. If a person paces themselves in building self-confidence incrementally, the person will have a much better chance at abstinence long-term.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

Drug rehab centers teach people how to work on their self-esteem and offers additional tips to improve their chances of remaining sober. People who are able to get professional treatment also have the opportunity to explore their childhood and adulthood experiences to improve one’s chances of remaining sober for a much longer period of time.

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