Drug addiction: What is it?

Would it shock you to hear that drug addiction is considered a legitimate disease? It’s easy to think of drug addiction as bad behavior or lack of self control, but drugs alter the brain in a manner that interferes with rational thinking. Normal thinking patterns are interrupted as obsessive, drug-seeking thought patterns overtake the mind.

Productive, responsible adults can quickly turn into irresponsible, irrational addicts after drugs are introduced to their brains. This is why loving parents may start making unwise decisions and straight-A high school students may start cutting classes after experimenting with drugs. No addict consciously wants to sabotage their own life, but drugs alter their brains and cause them to renegotiate their priorities. Drugs become the top priority while other goals, desires and achievements drop down the list.

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Physical Addiction vs. Mental Dependence

As a drug addict, you may have moments of clarity where you want to get your life back under control. Unfortunately, you are held captive by brain signals that deliver drug-centered messages. Rather than doing what you know is right, you do what is necessary to score another high. That is the definition of drug addiction, and dependency is a critical part of drug addiction.

There are two types of dependency that can develop as a result of drug addiction. Mental or psychological dependency occurs when your brain tells you that you need the drug. You may find yourself thinking about the drug more than you think about anything else. This is due to changes in the brain that trigger obsessive thoughts and actions directed at scoring more drugs.

Physical dependence occurs after you have used drugs consistently for a period of time. Your body cannot function properly without the drug. If you have this type of dependence and stop using the drug, you will experience physical withdraw symptoms which are sometimes life-threatening without medical intervention.

Drug addiction often includes both types of dependency. This is why you may want to stop using drugs with all of your heart, but committing to that change is not so easy. Your mind tells you that you cannot survive without the drug while you know that your body will go through extreme pain and exhaustion once you stop using.

What you must understand is that you can survive, and even thrive, without the drugs. Addiction may change your thought patterns and tell you otherwise, but you have to move forward knowing that you have the ability to live a wonderful life without dependence on drugs.

Overcoming Drug-Seeking Behavior

Drug addiction is defined by a drug-seeking behavior. As an addict, you experience intense urges to seek out drugs even when devastating consequences will follow. It is almost like your life depends on getting the next fix, so you do what is necessary to calm the urges and avoid physical withdraw.

Just like any other disease, you need professional help to overcome drug addiction. The longer your history with drugs, the more dependent your brain and body are on the drug. Our trained professionals will protect you and give you as much comfort as possible as your body breaks that physical dependency. We can also help you overcome those crippling urges so that, with time, you are no longer at their mercy.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

You may feel weak and stuck in your addiction at the moment, but you will one day feel strong and in control of your life. Freedom from addiction starts with a phone call to our professionals. Someone is waiting right now to help you break the death grip that drugs currently have on your brain and body.

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