Drug Cocktails and other Associated Dangers

The use of combination drug cocktails is a much bigger problem than is documented in many official government records. As more and more people descend into the negative influence of drug addiction, obtaining that initial high becomes more difficult than ever. Drug cocktails may create a more effective path toward the high that’s sought; however, they also dig a deeper hole more quickly for a drug addict than any single drug could do on its own.

The Practice of Combining Illegal Substances

There’s a certain deranged art to combining a cocktail of drugs in order to achieve a certain effect on the body. Unfortunately, these so called “cocktail artists” never truly assess the downside of whatever high they’re attempting to deliver. Even for people who are experienced in taking drugs and “know their limits,” combination drugs are an entirely new frontier with virtually no limit to the downside.

In most cases, a person who’s putting together a drug cocktail will assess the short-term effects of the individual drugs on the mind and body. This person may also research cases in which the drugs were used in tandem with each other and evaluate the associated effects that occurred. A cocktail expert can put together a drug combination that’ll very closely simulate a desired effect.

The makers of drug cocktails may also mistakenly believe that they can combine certain drugs to cancel out negative effects. For instance, stimulants and depressants are often used together to create a more balanced high that can last much longer. However, this kind of cocktail can also have withdrawal symptoms that last for an extended period of time.

Combination Drugs and Their Associated Risks of Use

Unique to the use of combination drugs are the prolonged negative effects of coming down off of the cocktail as well as the withdrawal symptoms that result from the misuse of the drugs. Individuals who are suffering from the downside of a cocktail will usually require a much longer period of time to return to sobriety. The risk for chronic negative effects is much higher. The body has a much harder time fighting off the effects of the multiple drugs that are attacking it at once.

It can be very difficult to determine the exact symptoms of a drug combination. However, there are definitely some overarching symptoms and risks of use that can be associated with the combination of drugs in general.

For the most part, people who indulge in drug cocktails will lose motor function and the general ability to control their own bodies. Because many drug cocktails attack the brain directly, the general notion of reduced consciousness is one of the effects that can be expected. This can mean anything from a hallucination all the way to a coma.

Other physical concerns from using cocktail drugs may include diarrhea, vomiting, intense rectal pain, bleeding from orifices, sunken eyes, jitters, anxiety, the inability to control emotions and paranoia.

Over the long-term, the mental problems that cocktail drugs can cause definitely constitute the majority of its risk. Brain functionality can be destroyed forever from a single dose of certain cocktails. Other symptoms include not being able to think clearly, loss of the ability to drive, memory loss, manic depression and bouts of amnesia.

Perhaps you or a loved one is suffering from the negative effects of a drug cocktail or combination drugs. No matter how complicated you think the situation may be, there’s definitely help available for you. No matter what drugs you’re suffering from, addiction specialists have the experience and the medical facilities to design a program for your unique constitution and personal situation. Treatment programs can address the exact nature of the drugs you’ve taken as well as your unique response to those drugs – no two cases are ever alike, and rehab facilities are prepared for this contingency.

No one is going to pass judgment on you. No matter how you’ve obtained your drugs, legally or illegally, addiction professionals won’t judge this part of your life. They will, however, ensure that you believe in your heart you don’t need drugs in order to live a balanced and beautiful life. They’re also responsible for helping you create the physical and emotional scenario that’ll give you the leverage to separate yourself from drug use. Those who work in the field of addiction therapy are happy to do this for you, and are waiting for your call to help you begin your recovery process. Please call the hotline today at 800-447-9081.

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