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Drug Myths or Drug Lords: Which Should Strike the Most Fear?

A great deal of the pull drugs have on people is the notion of joining a cool, underground community. While it’s true that simply making use of certain drugs can introduce you to an entirely new social circle or party scene, it’s also true that these social circles and gatherings are detrimental to your long-term health.

There’s a great deal of lore that goes on with certain drugs and the people who’ve vaulted themselves into iconic status in drug culture. The stories of adventure can be captivating, although most of them end in tragedy. What’s usually most dangerous to people are the embellishments that come along with the telling of the stories. All of the negative side effects are pushed to the side in order to create a better narrative. Before you believe the hype, you need to understand the truth about common drug myths and the drug trade.

Is There Any Truth to Common Drug Myths?

Truthfully, many of the myths around drugs have more to do with the situation that facilitated the drug use rather than the drug itself. If you’re listening to someone who’s relating a story to you about being high, baked or rolling, pay attention. Does this person ever say anything about something positive happening because of the drug, or is the feeling of delirious abandon the beginning and the end of the story? Usually, the stories will be related within the context of a party or social gathering in which people are having fun anyway. In this case, the good feelings from the story aren’t necessarily related to the drug; rather, the good feelings are related to the entire situation and the people who are helping each other create shared, positive emotional experiences. Analyzing most of the stories will allow you to realize that the same feelings could be created without drugs.

If a person is actually describing the feeling the drug gives him, you must be sure to analyze this as well. Drugs have no power except to manipulate the chemicals and states that are already in the body. Any high that can be achieved through a drug can also be achieved through positive, healthy activity. For instance, running for long periods can give the same high ecstasy provides. This so-called “runner’s high” is much more difficult to achieve, but there are no negative effects to achieving it. There are many stories of drug highs that should be disregarded. Knowledge of biology will help to accomplish the same objective.

In the same way, many of the negative myths about drugs also have been overblown. Stories in which a drug ends up being some anthropomorphic, sentient figure that’s actively participating in the debauchery of individuals should be highly scrutinized. The person telling the story is likely looking to allay blame for some horrible activity. The drug is a fine scapegoat, as it doesn’t have the ability to defend itself.

The negative myths about drugs that should be taken seriously are the long-term physical effects of abuse. The stories of chronic seizures, comatose states and death only need to be true once in order to affect a person’s life for good. It’s essential that every individual do research into any substance taken into the body. Whether a drug is legal or illegal, there’s medical research on it. This hard medical research can serve to dispel some of the myths that drug culture has built around drugs.

What Factors About the Drug Trade Garner the Most Cause for Concern?

When it comes to the drug trade, the most debilitating myth is that it’s somehow a viable and upstanding profession. There are many drug lord myths of old-school Mafia dons like Nicky Barnes living a lavish lifestyle. What isn’t remembered in fantastic stories, such as Martin Scorsese’s “Scarface,” is the horrible end many of these people face. To Scorsese’s credit, the main character in “Scarface” is shown to come to a violent end. However, this isn’t the part of the movie most people remember.

Even modern pop culture is full of drug lord myths who seem to elevate the lifestyle. Rapper Jay-Z doesn’t make any bones about the fact that he used to deal drugs before becoming a world-famous musician and businessman. However, Jay-Z is the exception and not the rule. On top of this, he has stated in interviews that his activity in the drug trade is vastly overblown in his music – he was far from the international underground king he purports to be in many of his top-ranked albums during his days of actually distributing illegal substances.

The truth about most drug pushers is the same as with any profession: Very few will make it to the top. Those who do will only stay there for a limited period of time. When it comes to dealing drugs, the consequences of falling from “success” are much more severe than retiring from a construction job or falling out of the top ranks of tennis. To create balance in your own life, consider the reality and statistics of dealing drugs rather than stories that are being created to sell yet another product to you.

The drug addiction hotline is always available at 800-447-9081. You can ask any questions about drug myths that have ever crossed your mind. Staff members are on hand to answer these questions for you. It’s always good to go into a situation with full knowledge of your surroundings, and facing down a drug or alcohol addiction is no different. By calling the hotline, you’ll receive the information needed to understand exactly why drugs have the power they do. You’ll also receive insight into your own behavior, and will be able to make a more informed decision about the next move you want to take.

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