Do drug rehab programs offer gender specific activities?

Why do some drug rehab programs have separate gender activities and others do not?

Differences between men and women create serious distractions in therapy programs. One of the most helpful aspects of drug rehab is that it lets you focus on your needs and your situation without distraction. Focusing on anything other than getting better tends to defeat the purpose that you try to accomplish in rehab. The presence of the opposite sex in activities naturally creates strong feelings by both men and women. Whether the feelings are positive or negative, they can interfere with your progress. Staying focused on your issues and concerns helps you do what you need to do to get better.

Choosing a Program

Gender-based activities in drug rehab programs are a relatively recent trend in therapy, and some centers prefer them while others do not. In programs that include them it is found that adopting the most current rehabilitation theories produces the best results, but traditional programs are effective in many centers.

Therapy programs vary in style, presentation and approach, and each center selects the features that produce the most beneficial results for its clients. Helping clients achieve sobriety and avoid dependency is a primary goal of drug rehab programs, whether or not they incorporate gender-based activities. Focusing on recovery instead of relationships tends to produce the best outcomes.

Sharing Common Interests

Having something in common with someone else is often the basis for bringing people together. Going to a youth baseball or football game puts you in touch with other moms and dads who share your desire to be there for their kids. You can enjoy a common interest in kids and sports even when your lives differ in most other ways.

In therapy, group sessions are often a popular form of treatment. Counseling is an important aspect of drug rehab programs, and its success usually depends on the comfort level of the members of a group. Patients are usually willing to join in group discussions when the topic under discussion is familiar. Members of groups have an opportunity to talk about their paths to addiction, including those that affect their roles in life.

A gender-based drug rehab program allows women to share their experiences as a mother and a wife, and men can speak about their experiences as a husband and father. Talking about common experiences builds understanding of personal issues that can lead to recovery. When group members talk about tough times that result from addiction, it helps others reveal their own personal issues. Gaining strength from the experience of others helps recovering addicts find a way to get through the challenges that block the path to regaining a productive life.

Taking Action

While gender-based drug rehab programs may not appeal to everyone, they are probably worth considering if you are seeking rehabilitation for yourself or for a loved one. Examining the different approaches to therapy that are in popular use today can help you choose one that meets your preferences. Professional assistance is available in a variety of programs, and trained counselors can provide skilled guidance.

A key to getting a start on the road to recovery is seeking professional help that can make a difference. Recovery is a challenging and often difficult road that no one wants to walk alone. Entering a traditional or a gender-based drug rehab program can make it possible to start recovering from addiction.

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