Drug Rehab When I’m Already Being Treated for Narcolepsy

If you are the parent of a teen who suffers from addiction, you may already be at your wit’s end trying to decide which course of action to take. However, the problem can be made worse if your teen is also being treated for narcolepsy. Your head might be spinning as you try to figure out what happens in drug rehab when your teen is being treated for narcolepsy. Here is the information you need to know.

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It’s Not That Uncommon

The first thing you have to realize is that you are not battling this issue alone as there are plenty of parents out there just like you who have teenagers with narcolepsy or other medical issues and with addiction problems. It is actually quite common for teens who have psychological disorders, mental illnesses or medical conditions to turn to drugs as a way to escape. Keep this in mind as you try to help your teen.

A Dual Diagnosis Program

Since your teen has an addiction problem as well as narcolepsy, your teen will need a dual diagnosis program. This approach to drug rehab is a little bit different that the traditional approach because your child has an underlying medical issue that needs to be treated, possibly medicated and controlled while he is battling his addiction. What you will find is that there is a team of people in the drug rehab facility to help your teen recover. Instead of just finding therapists and counselors, you will probably also encounter physicians who will be monitoring the narcolepsy at each new stage of the rehab process. You can trust these doctors to understand that the medical condition and drug use are interconnected, and they can devise individualized plans to help your child beat the drug addiction.

The Emotional Side of Things

When your teen is trying to battle an addiction and learn to live with narcolepsy, you might find that his spirits start to drop. It can be hard to stay positive and remain vigilant in recovery when you are facing two different problems. Therefore, a good drug rehab program will address the emotions that are so wrapped up in both of these issues. It is important that the rehab program has activities in place to keep your teen busy throughout the day, so your teen has less time to worry about all of the issues he is facing. While he is busy focusing on living a healthy life, he can slowly build his confidence to a new level, so he feels like he can handle the narcolepsy without having to turn to drugs. What you might find is that your teen has a very full schedule each day during rehab to help him focus on the positive things in his life instead of dwelling on things he can’t change such as narcolepsy.

A Nurturing Environment

Your teen is still young, which can make battling an addiction and coming to terms with a medical condition somewhat difficult. However, your teen will be in a nurturing environment during rehab. This is important because your teen will need a huge support system to help him through this difficult time in his life. It will take a full range of doctors, therapists, counselors, support groups, family members, friends and community members to help your teen through drug rehab.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

Now that you know what happens in rehab when your teen is already being treated for narcolepsy, you can take the first step and get help for your teen immediately. The problem won’t resolve itself unless you are strong enough to take action and get your teen into drug rehab today.

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