What Are the Effects of K2?

For many parents and school administrators, the question of “What is K2?” is something that has become very important. The very basics of the answer are that it’s a drug, it’s possible to become addicted to it, and it’s illegal. This is a substance that’s extremely popular among teens, despite its status as a controlled substance, and is consumed in rates that are only a little less common than marijuana. If you’re worried that your teen has an issue with K2, or you’re wondering more about the drug itself, read on to learn a few of the basic facts.

What Is K2?

K2 is also called spice, fake weed, skunk and moon rocks, and for quite some time, was sold in certain locations as a legal alternative to marijuana. It’s very popular because it typically doesn’t show up in drug tests, and produces a high similar to that of marijuana. In form, K2 looks like dried and shredded plant matter, and has been altered to add the chemical components that provide the high.

Though K2 is often promoted as being completely natural and healthy, chemical analysis of this substance shows that the high is derived from synthetics, meaning that it’s only the additives that give you the high, not whatever plants were dried up to create the delivery method.

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It’s worth noting that K2, though it was legal for quite some time, is now considered a controlled substance by the DEA. However, because of the popularity of the product, producers still get around laws by changing the chemicals used to produce the high. It’s a substance that’s continually under surveillance by the DEA. In general, K2 is illegal to sell, own or use.

The Effects of K2

There are many stories that portray K2 as being a non-addictive drug, but it’s essential to remember that addiction isn’t necessarily a straightforward issue. For example, people can be addicted to heroin, which alters brain chemistry, but they can also be addicted to shopping – something that doesn’t.

K2 produces a euphoric high and a sense of ease and comfort when it’s being used. Afterwards, a person might be able to walk off the effects with very little problems, or the individual may be nervous and upset for several hours after use.

Some of the harmful effects of K2 include paranoia, extreme anxiety and heart palpitations. This can be especially potent for people who have a mental illness or who are already taking medications. The effects of K2 are unpredictable, which can make its use dangerous – especially when taken over and over again by teens, who seem to be the drug’s main audience.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

Are you a parent who’s feeling at a loss and still trying to answer the question of “What is K2?” Are you a teen who’s confused by your own use or worried that you’ve gotten in over your head? If so, our hotline is here to help. Call 800-447-9081, and you’ll find that there’s someone on the other end of the helpline who wants to give you the information you need. Whether you’re dealing with addiction or are just a spectator of it, reach out and talk to someone.

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