What Are The Effects of Meth On the Body?

Identifying the meth abuser from its effects on the body

Meth is cheap and users get a very euphoric high. Abusers relate that after taking the drug, they experience sudden and long lasting sensations of pleasure, energy, confidence and charisma. After repeated use though, meth has significant adverse effects on the brain and body. It even takes away a person’s ability to experience pleasure.

Visual signs of meth use

Coupled with the neurological effects of meth are the physical effects it has on the appearance of the abuser. Constriction of blood vessels result from the use of meth, cutting off the continuous supply of blood to the body. This impairs the ability of the body to repair itself because blood vessels have become so weak. Abrasions, cuts and bruises take longer to heal, acne becomes common, and skin becomes loose and wrinkled. Many users will look years older than their actual age. A common characteristic of meth abuse is small open sores on the body from picking, since the abuser believes they have insects crawling under their skin. Because of their poor diet and nutrition, meth abusers will look frail and emaciated.

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Organic effects of Meth use

There is very strong evidence that meth damages the liver, causing acute toxic necrosis and degeneration. It also damages the cardiovascular system, causing increased heart rate and blood pressure. Both of these strain the heart and blood vessels, resulting in high risks of heart attack and stroke. Long-term meth users also suffer physical damage to brain tissue, resulting in memory loss and a deficit in understanding abstract thoughts. Because of this brain damage, they experience memory gaps and severe mood swings.

Meth mouth

You’ll recognize meth mouth from discolored, broken and rotten teeth. Because the abusers are so obsessed with the drug, they begin ignoring their personal and oral hygiene. Teeth in a meth mouth often cannot be saved. Although want of dental hygiene is one reason for meth mouth, its precise cause remains under investigation. Some attribute meth abusers’ rotten teeth to the caustic nature of the chemicals found in the substance. After all, the user is ingesting a combination of cold medicine, kitchen cleaner, battery acid, lantern fuel, and anything else that the meth cook in the lab decided on using to make a nice batch. That’s why meth is a substance and not a drug. Others believe that meth mouth is caused by damage to the blood vessels in the mouth which leads to shrinking of oral tissue and decreased blood supply to the teeth. Meth users will also experience a very dry mouth where saliva production isn’t sufficient to neutralize acids that corrode the teeth and gums.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

After abusing meth, the euphoria derived from it decreases proportionally to the amount of meth that the abuser uses. Its inexpensive price contributes to the abuser’s physical and mental decline to the point where the abuser no longer feels pleasure and looks like they’ve been living under a rock. Our helpline hotline at 800-447-9081 is active seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and staffed with specially trained personnel who can discuss treatment and recovery options with you. A phone call can bring back a life.

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