What does equine therapy involve for teens in drug recovery?

What does equine therapy involve for teens recovering from drug addiction?

When you have a teen that is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you want to consider every form of therapy you can imagine. There are many people who think that equine therapy is the most effective way to treat teens suffering from drug addiction, and the therapy program involves a great more than riding horses. These are complete programs that can help to give teens a new purpose or a place to focus all their energy. Every addict needs a way to focus on something else, and this program can help with this need.

The Horses

When teens under the influence of drug addiction go into equine therapy, they learn a great deal about the horses. The teens learn what horses are like, all the different kinds of horses, how to take care of them, how to feed them, how to groom them and how to treat them well. The teen learns everything they need to know about horses to take care of their own horse. They are assigned a horse to take care of, and they are allowed to nurture that horse as they go through the program.

The Walking

When teens are going through equine therapy, they have a chance to learn how to train and walk horses. Trainers are the people who know what the horses are doing, how they are feeling and can choose what the horse should do that day. Before the teen ever gets on a horse, they are able to train the horse and make it feel comfortable.

The Riding:

Drug addicted Teens are also trained in a number of different riding techniques that will help them to become proficient riders. This riding technique ranges from dressage to jump and racing. The teen can learn how to ride horses if they live on a ranch, and the teens can learn how to be a successful rider or trainer. This is a program that teaches the teen a trade and something that they can do recreationally for the rest of their life.

The Focus

The teens are asked to focus a great deal of their energy and time on the training and riding of the horses. These kids have little to no time to worry about drugs or alcohol, and their focus helps to pull them away from drug addiction.

Also, the kids that are doing equine therapy are able to work with the counselors to talk about their issues and feelings. The kids have many resources so that they can talk to someone, and they have many ways to get in touch with someone who can support them. The counselors are a built-in support system for the kids so that they always feel like they have a place to turn for help.

When teens are in equine therapy, you will notice a change in their behavior. These kids will get sucked into the world of training and riding horses so that they will not have time for drugs and alcohol. They get support from the counselors, and they learn a trade or skill they can do for life.

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