What exercises will I have during my drug rehab treatment?

What types of exercise will I have to enroll in during my rehab stay?

The journey to healing is helped by adopting healthy habits. For many in recovery, developing a habit like exercise is the key to remaining sober. Some people pick up their exercise habit while in recovery at a drug rehab facility. Drug rehab programs stress the importance of a mind and body connection and most, encourage patients to enroll in an exercise program while in a rehab facility.

Exercise and addiction recovery

Exercise benefits the recovering addict on so many levels. The body isn’t able to recover from addiction without undergoing detox, a process that really tests the body. Physical withdrawal symptoms can be a lot to handle, but stress reducing exercises can actually reduce the psychological and physical impact of detox. An exercise program in drug rehab can be a constructive outlet for cravings. It can serve as a way to connect with others. It can elevate the mood by increasing the endorphins in the brain. Exercise may alleviate anxiety and depression as well. The brain is better able to control urges to use drugs or alcohol as the person becomes more active. It can also serve as an effective way to deal with and manage long-term stress.

Other benefits to exercising while recovering from drug or alcohol addiction:

• Improved circulation
• Better sleep
• Increased muscle strength
• More energy
• Weight loss results
• Mental acuity and alertness
• Higher Self-esteem
• Better moods
• Healthy hobby to replace habit

Types of exercise programs to choose from during a rehab stay

Residential drug rehab facilities are encouraging patients to test the waters with the various programs they have available. These programs offer cardio, outdoor, meditation and group exercise programs. When signing up to participate in a drug rehab program, you will have a range of options available. Most patients sign up to take several group classes a week. Group fitness aerobics classes encourage residents to have fun as they get in shape. Yoga classes introduce meditation and relaxation techniques as the person gets in shape. Pilates introduces flexibility and strengthening exercises to patients. Swimming provides a total body workout and is a relaxing outlet for many. Some facilities offer personal training sessions to their residents.

Other exercise options

In addition to these programs, patients can choose to work out in a state-of-the-art gym facility with the latest exercise equipment. Some of these drug rehab facilities even offer saunas to unwind in after rigorous activities. Trails provide a means for recovering addicts to bond and enjoy the great outdoors. Depending on the facility, there may even be a monthly outing like kayaking or hiking.

Drug rehab facilities offer exercise programs as a part of the treatment plan. Establishing an exercise routine while in rehab prepares the patient for the challenges he or she will likely face in the real world. Challenges like stress, anxiety, cravings and triggers are all possibilities once the patient has left rehab. There will be fewer opportunities to relapse with a new hobby in place. If there is a plan adopted, the person is better able to successfully cope with events and challenges because of an exercise plan being in place. Considering a particular drug rehab program? Contact your facility of choice today to learn about the available exercise programs.

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