Family Therapy Interventions: Do They Work?

Many drug and alcohol-related problems can be linked to issues within the family dynamic. As abuse has no discrimination against age groups, anyone can develop a problem as a way to cope with certain situations. In many cases, the problems of the parent influence the actions of the child. If there’s an alcoholic parent in the house, there’s an increased chance that the child will develop current alcohol problems or develop them in the future as a learned behavior. Family therapy interventions work towards preventing such situations from becoming out of control.

Working as a Cohesive Unit

The family dynamic has the ability to build a support structure unlike those of friends and colleagues. As long as everyone involved is committed to helping each other, a constant level of reassurance exists in which everyone is working to improve lifestyles. In most cases, everyone involved may need to sacrifice habits in order to make a positive change. However, this can only be successful if everyone is in agreement to make adaptations and change behaviors that prompt negative actions. Family therapy interventions may have a greater chance of success when families are more readily able to forgive and forget past complications in order to move forward.

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Realistic Goals

During family therapy interventions, goals may be set that everyone needs to work towards. However, these goals need to be realistic and obtainable. Reaching for the stars is good, as long as those involved have one foot on the ground and keep a level mind. Even goals that are minor should be treated as victories. Although it’s a small step forward, it’s still a step in the right direction and closer to the ultimate objective. Don’t assume perfection from the very beginning. Treating families that are suffering from alcoholism or drug abuse isn’t an overnight accomplishment. It’s a lifestyle change for everyone and shouldn’t be rushed to meet some deadline.

Realizing the Support of Each Other

The family can be a powerful motivator for seeking help. In family therapy interventions, everyone has a role that must be played. Each member of the family needs to realize that they’re not alone and can rely on the assistance of the other members. While the therapist will act as a mediator, it’s the family that needs to work together. If there’s a weakness within the dynamic, it could be a problem for those afflicted with alcoholism and drug abuse. This isn’t indicating that the world needs to revolve around those individuals engaged in substance abuse, but everyone needs to do their part for family therapy interventions to work as they’re intended. Trust and faith will play heavily during the experience.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

While it may be possible to create a level of success if one or two members of the family don’t play their roles, it decreases the chances of positive outcomes through family therapy interventions. These programs can work, and therapists may be able to help the family see the benefits of working as a complete whole. Assistance doesn’t have to be centered solely on the one suffering from substance abuse, especially if there are problems at home. If you believe your family could benefit from therapy, call the help hotline today at 800-447-9081. As long as everyone is willing to put forth the effort, there is no such thing as “too late.”

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