Famous People Addicted to Meth: Before and After Photos

Meth before and after photos are everywhere on the Internet. This is the consequence of meth being one of the easiest drugs to manufacture, distribute and sell. Meth is literally everywhere, from the most remote rural town to the exclusive nightclubs that Hollywood celebrities frequent. It’s one of the most dangerous drugs ever created, and it’s a serious health epidemic in this country.

Why Are Meth Before and After Photos So Popular?

Why are these meth before and after photos so popular in modern culture? Part of the answer is that many enjoy taking note of other people’s misfortunes and saying to themselves, “There but for the grace of God,” etc. It’s a cheap way for insecure people to feel better about their own lives.

However, there’s much more to it than that. When individuals see the before and after photos of famous people who’ve developed an addiction to drugs, especially meth, they see people whom they idolize and revere being degraded and “brought down a notch” to their own levels. Everyone reading this article needs to know that meth is everywhere, and that addiction could happen just as easily to you or someone you love as any musician or movie star.

Celebrity Meth Abusers Are Everywhere

Many famous people, such as the actress Lindsay Lohan, have become addicted to meth and had their good looks and careers torn to tatters as a result. Lohan, in particular, nearly has become the poster child for meth abuse in Hollywood. Some of the most famous “meth before and after” photos show the sad degeneration, both physical and mental, of this one time member of the movie star “A” list.

Meth Degenerates a Person, Physically and Mentally

Musicians aren’t immune to meth addiction, either. Phil Rudd, the drummer of the world famous rock band, AC/DC, has landed in the news recently due to his arrest on charges of meth and cannabis possession, as well as threatening to kill a contractor who worked on his property.

While the charges were initially met with disbelief from fans, all it took to convince them otherwise was for the media to show recent photographs of Rudd. The ravages of meth addiction are clearly evident. These photos alone have turned the tide of public opinion against him. Meth addiction not only causes a person’s appearance to degenerate, but it also causes other people’s opinions of them to decay. This is a fact that goes double for any celebrity.

No Matter Who You Are, There Is Hope for Recovery

You should know that, no matter who you are, there’s always hope for recovery. You don’t need to be a famous celebrity to beat meth, and you don’t need a million dollars to go to rehab. The only thing that matters is reclaiming your right to live your life free of the chains of meth addiction – and the only person who can change your life for the better is you.

If you’re serious about wanting to reclaim your health and independence, you simply need to admit that you’re an addict and you need help. There’s no exclusive “members only” policy at any serious drug addiction treatment center. If you’re ready to turn your life around, please call the special addiction hotline at 800-447-9081 today.

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