Is There a Form of Legal Ecstasy?

Whether out partying or being offered a drug by one of your friends, it’s essential that you understand which drugs are illegal. Being able to identify this will help you to turn down anything you know isn’t safe for you. Ecstasy is among the more popular drugs used in the party and rave scene, making it essential that you know if this substance is illegal or not. The following will provide you with this information and help you identify if there’s a form of legal ecstasy available to consumers.

What Is Ecstasy?

Ecstasy is a common recreational drug that’s also known as MDMA. As touched upon previously, Ecstasy is one of the more popular drugs for the club scene and is typically used as a means of reaching a euphoric high. In fact, the drug can even cause hallucinations when taken in higher doses. It’s a stimulant that energizes the brain and sends it into overdrive, allowing for a wide range of side effects in any person who takes it.

Is There a Form of Legal Ecstasy?

In essence, there’s no form of legal ecstasy available, even by prescription. The drug is made from a variety of strictly illegal substances. Those who take the drug simply take it as a means to achieve a high, as it doesn’t serve any other purpose. It has been classified within the United States as a Schedule I drug and is illegal in all instances. There are a number of reasons as to why this is the case. For one, it’s known as a designer drug, meaning it’s created solely for the purpose of providing a high to the user. Even a small dosage of Ecstasy can cause a high lasting up to six hours. Unlike other stimulants such as Adderall, Ecstasy is a type of drug that has no healing capabilities and therefore can’t be used in the treatment of certain conditions that stimulants are usually meant to treat, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Effects of Using Ecstasy

If you’ve dabbled with Ecstasy in the past or know someone who has been tempted to use the drug, it’s essential to know about all of the possible side effects that can result from Ecstasy usage. While it might seem harmless, especially as it’s simply intended to create a euphoric high, there are some damaging side effects and symptoms that can present within a person who has used the drug, both short- and long-term.

Some of the more common short-term effects that could result with Ecstasy usage include everything from nausea and sleep problems to depression and paranoia, as well as severe anxiety. Though these are much rarer, some of the standard long-term effects might include brain damage, memory loss and kidney failure. If too much Ecstasy is taken, it’s possible for the user to succumb to a coma or die from the drug. This is commonly seen among those who overdose on the drug.

If you’re addicted to Ecstasy or know someone who is, contact the drug abuse hotline at 800-447-9081 right away.

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