How do good substance abuse treatment centers help in recovery?

Preventing Boredom and Negativity in Rehab Programs

A common worry some people have about entering rehab is what they’ll actually do in rehab. They know they’ll work to get better, but beyond that, they probably have no clue about what their day to day life in a rehab program will entail. There are many worries about old patterns of boredom and negative self-talk that either lead to or encouraged their drug abuse, so it’s important for them to be informed about what good substance abuse treatment centers will do to curb those old patterns.

Group Therapy Sessions

Almost all effective treatment programs offered by good substance abuse treatment centers have scheduled community therapy sessions. Studies have shown that having the support of peers that can relate to each other’s problems goes a long way towards recovery. These groups will allow patients to share a positive thought to set the tone for the day, helping to curb any negative self-talk that might occur. It also allows patients to bond with their fellow peers; during free time, it opens the door for the patients to interact with each other and not feel so alone during their stay.

ROPES Course

This is a very common activity found in many good substance abuse treatment centers. This high and low ropes course allows for trust building exercises among the patients and even between the patient and their counselor(s). Obstacles like rock climbing walls, zip lines, and ropes set at almost dizzying heights are enough to teach addicts to let go and encourage them to lean on other people for support.

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Life Skills

Addiction frequently takes away the addict’s self esteem. One way this happens is the patient loses their life skills. Addiction takes over every aspect of their life, and they often have to relearn how to cope in real life. Good substance abuse treatment centers offer programs that teach their patients how to live life normally again. Patients will do “chores” like making their beds, serving themselves meals, and cleaning the facilities. Slowly regaining the ability to care for themselves can actually go a long ways towards raising self esteem. There’s a misconception that rehab programs are like a vacation where people lounge around the pool or have healing massages between therapy sessions. This is mostly untrue; while relaxation is a key component to recovery, hard work is extremely beneficial to a recovering addict.

Healthy Living

Turning an unhealthy lifestyle into a healthy one can make all the difference in how successful a rehab program is. Various studies have shown that exercise can curb cravings for drugs and encourage long term sobriety. Participants in the study reported that they had more energy, could breathe better, and felt better about their physical appearance because of regular exercise. It’s also believed that a strong, fit body will fare much better during withdrawal symptoms than a sedentary body. It’s not uncommon for residential programs to offer a strong wellness program for their patients. It begins with nutrition. Addicts have spent months–if not years–being malnourished due to their addiction. It’s critical to help them gain weight in a healthy manner and eat foods dense in nutrition. The nutritional component will be paired with a strong exercise program. Programs by good substance abuse treatment centers promote gentle but invigorating exercise with things like yoga, swimming, and Pilates. If the center is located somewhere with good weather, the program will strive to provide a strong outdoor exercise component with sober outings like hiking.

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If you’re close to someone battling addiction, you know that boredom and unstructured time can make or break their sobriety. Addicts who are given lots of free time and suffer from boredom are far more likely to fail at their recovery efforts and go back to drugs. There are good substance abuse treatment centers that offer your loved ones plenty of structured time and activities to build their self esteem for the best chance at a full recovery.

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