Good Substance Abuse Treatment Centers on Mental Health in Rehab

So often mental health issues and substance abuse go hand in hand. Which came first is irrelevant. It simply makes good, basic sense to address the behavioral and emotional health of someone with an addiction. If you’re in the process of seeking treatment, There are many good substance abuse treatment centers with abuse recovery programs that include some component of mental health counseling. Here are some things you can expect.

Individual and Group Counseling

Counseling isn’t as scary or intimidating as it seems. The process of counseling or therapy is really just an opportunity to gain insight about yourself and to learn new, healthier life skills. Mental health therapies in good substance abuse treatment centers are led by qualified professionals such as a psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers or counselors. The process is designed to help you change behaviors, learn positive thinking skills and develop improved social skills, among other things. Therapeutic goals will be customized to your own personal, unique needs.

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A common approach counselors often take in the treatment of addiction is cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. This counseling method seeks to teach you ways in which thinking is connected to behavior. With this knowledge, you can begin to reframe your thought patterns, leading to healthier behavior and life choices. It is an empowering technique that helps you to take control of your own life and decision making. Counseling sessions, whether individual or group, is merely conversation that assists you in understanding yourself better and in setting life goals.


While prescription medication isn’t always necessary, it can be helpful in the treatment of various mental health issues. Sometimes mental health problems are triggered by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Medicine can correct this imbalance, leading to improved thinking and mood that allow you to begin addressing other issues with better clarity.

Medication can be newly prescribed during your substance abuse treatment or your current prescription can be changed to meet your needs. Prescriptions and dosages are very unique and personal to each individual. A trained mental health provider can assess your situation and help you to pursue a medication or combination of meds to address your particular needs. Mental health disorders often go along with addiction, and medication can be a very effective way to treat the emotional issue that is contributing to your substance abuse.

Supportive Services

Good substance abuse treatment centers, will likely offer you access to a number of beneficial support services based on your needs. Supportive services can include education, employment counseling, medical, housing referral, among other areas. A social worker or other professional acts as a resource provider, connecting you with the services that will be most beneficial to your situation. Addiction affects all areas of your life. These services can be instrumental in helping you to overcome past obstacles to becoming clean.

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These are just some of the ways you can expect mental health issues to be addressed while in treatment for substance abuse. It is important to know that the addressing of emotional and behavior problems is crucial to overcoming addiction. Take the first step to learn about the substance abuse treatment options available to you.

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