What Happens When Snorting Cocaine?

Cocaine is a stimulant that produces a strong and temporary euphoric high. It is also one of the most addictive drugs around. Many first time users become addicted after their first time using this drug. While the high is what motivates people to use this drug, the effects on the body are devastating. Here is what happens when you snort Cocaine.

How Does Snorting Cocaine Work?

When Cocaine is snorted, it passes through the nose’s tissues into the blood vessels into the heart. The heart then pumps the drug to the lungs where it is oxygenated. The Cocaine then leaves the lungs and moves through the heart and up to the brain.

The Effects on the Brain

Cocaine affects all areas of the brain, but attaches itself to a very specified places. One of the areas Cocaine attaches itself to the areas of the brain that controls reward. Cocaine hinders the reabsorption of dopamine, a chemical that is associated with pleasure. The body’s reward system is what releases the dopamine. Because the dopamine is not reabsorbed, you get the effects that cause the drug to be so addictive.

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The euphoric effects of snorting Cocaine include:

• Elevated mood
• Enhanced sense of alertness
• Increased energy
• Fast-paced speech

People who take Cocaine also find themselves experiencing an increase in anxiety, irritability and paranoia. Some people may even have an increase in restlessness as a result of the energy boost Cocaine gives them. Usually, the effects of Cocaine take 30 minutes to two hours to wear off.
The Physiological Effects of Snorting Cocaine

Cocaine does not only affect how the brain functions, it can wreak havoc on the body as a whole. Cocaine is responsible for more hospital visits than any other drug. Here are some of the effects that snorting Cocaine can have on your body’s systems and organs.


The psychological effects that Cocaine has on the brain are well known. However, what is not known is that Cocaine constricts blood vessels. When the blood vessels in the brain are constricted, there is an increased chance of stroke. Cocaine can also cause a person to experience seizures. A predisposition to stroke or seizures does not affect how Cocaine damages the brain. People who are young and in good health are also at risk for these drug-related side effects.

Sexual Function

Cocaine may have the reputation of being an aphrodisiac. Ironically, it also impairs sexual functioning. Both men and women who use Cocaine regularly will find it difficult to complete the act.

The Respiratory System

Snorting Cocaine causes damage to the nose and sinuses. People who snort Cocaine may experience nosebleeds, infections, lose their sense of smell, a perforated septum, infections and possible collapse of their nose. This drug also causes the blood vessels to constrict, limiting the oxygen supply. The limited oxygen causes the lining to weaken and die, causing the damage. As far as the rest of the respiratory system, snorting Cocaine irritates the lungs and can result in permanent lung damage.


People that use Cocaine often are increasing the chances that they might experience a heart attack, high blood pressure and abnormal heart rhythm. Both of these heart conditions can have lethal consequences and can affect perfectly healthy drug users.


Some of the effects that snorting Cocaine can have on the body are as a result of long-time abuse. Cocaine use can cause sudden kidney failure. A person with preexisting medical conditions, like high blood pressure, may find themselves experiencing accelerated kidney damage.

Snorting Cocaine can have negative effects on even a first-time user. The effects of this addictive drug do not only affect a person mentally, they have an affect on a person’s body. If you anyone you know has a problem with Cocaine, or any other drug, please do not hesitate to seek treatment.

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