How is Heroin Abused?

Heroin is a horrible drug that can turn anyone into an addict no matter the user’s occupation, age or background. Heroin is easy to find and in most areas, it doesn’t cost a lot of money to support a mild Heroin habit. Depending on where the Heroin addict lives, one hit of the drug can cost as little as under $20.00 from a street dealer.

The low cost of the drug combined with its easy access and what users describe as a good high with each use, makes Heroin a drug that is abused by everyone who uses it. Drug abuse occurs when a person uses a drug without a prescribed dose, to feel the euphoria that it supplies. There are no doctors that prescribe Heroin because, even in small doses, it is not safe to predict how each body and brain will react to it. Heroin is consumed to the unsafe point where the body needs it, subtly turning into addiction.

Heroin can be used and abused in many ways, none of which are safer than the other.

With a Syringe

Using a syringe filled with Heroin is a popular way to abuse the drug because you don’t have to be precise when using. It is shot directly into a vein or muscle. By putting the drug directly into the body system, the Heroin user will experience the high at a faster rate because it is sent directly into the brain through the bloodstream. This method of abuse is also an easy way to overdose. Since long time Heroin abusers’ bodies require a larger dose to get their high, the amount that they have to shoot to get there can be enough to kill them.

Snorting into the Nose

Snorting Heroin is done similarly to the way that people snort cocaine and other powdery drugs. This method of Heroin abuse is popular with people that don’t want to shoot the drug and leave track marks and needle holes on their body.

Smoking Heroin

Another method of abusing Heroin without leaving the tell tale track marks is to smoke it. Sometimes, Heroin is prepared for smoking in a marijuana joint, a rolled cigarette or by putting the powder on a piece of foil. When Heroin is added to a cigarette, it is being abused in public, without others’ knowledge.

Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction happens quickly and the user will start to abuse the drug on a regular basis. Some addicts are so hooked that they require multiple doses per day and will do anything to get their next fix. Abusers will spend their last dime on the drug then do whatever is necessary to obtain it, including stealing, lying and other deception to keep getting the high they want.

Consequences of Heroin Abuse

The consequences of abusing Heroin are physical, mental, financial and can take a toll on relationships and friendships. The abuser needs their next dose to avoid having to go through the painful withdrawal that will come to them if they don’t continue to abuse Heroin.

If you abuse Heroin, it will have long-lasting damaging effects on your life. If you know someone who is currently using Heroin, it will negatively impact his or her life, because overdosing is easy to do, and it only goes downhill without intervention. There is no better time than the present to end the Heroin addiction.

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