Heroin Addiction Information

How Many People Suffer From Heroin Addiction?

Heroin addiction is a growing problem in the United States and the drug is a threat to individuals of all socio-economic groups. The statistics of Heroin abuse can be alarming. The National Institutes of Health reported that 4.2 million individuals across the globe have tried Heroin at least once and one out of four of these individuals will become addicted to the drug. It is reported that an estimated 1.2 million individuals in the United States use Heroin on occasion. There are more than 200,000 individuals in the United States who suffer from a Heroin addiction. Heroin addiction will have users  consume around 150 mg to 250 mg of Heroin on a daily basis. There is an estimated 800,000 individuals in the United States who should be treated for Heroin addiction.

There is also an increase in adolescents who have tried Heroin. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health, which was published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration reported:
• 0.8% of eighth graders in the United States have tried Heroin at least once
• 0.8% of tenth graders in the United States have tried Heroin at least once
• 0.9% of high school seniors in the United States have tried Heroin at least once

How Many Seek Treatment for Heroin Addiction?

There are many resources that are available for Heroin addicts. In fact, it has been accepted that Heroin addiction can be considered a chronic disease of the brain. Sadly, of the estimated 810,000 individuals with Heroin addiction, only 20% seek treatment for recovery from this addiction. It was reported that more than 200,000 individuals in the United States who are incarcerated have a Heroin addiction. It has been proven that incarcerated individuals who are exposed to opium based therapy, which is continued after release, can be an effective way to keep recovering addicts sober.

The cost of in-house rehabilitation treatment can be expensive without insurance, so this is one reason why so many individuals do not seek help. Even those with insurance often have to show valid evidence that proves a Heroin addiction is present before the insurance company will pay for treatment. There are resources that offer rehabilitation services for little to no cost; however, the demand for inexpensive Heroin treatment has caused limited space in most organizations that offer treatment for those who are not able to pay or can only pay a limited amount of money.

What is the Success Rate of Detox and Rehab from Heroin Addiction?

For those who suffer from any addiction, the road to recovery can be difficult. Heroin is highly addictive and potent, so it can be extremely difficult to quit the drug. There are two traditional methods of treatment programs, which are outpatient and inpatient Heroin rehabilitation programs. Although seeking out help is a positive sign, the success rate for those who choose an outpatient rehabilitation program are known to have a lower success rate in staying sober. However, most outpatient programs are much more affordable than inpatient programs.

The best chances of staying sober are after one year of treatment, according to Peter Asmuth who is the CEO at Serenity Lane Treatment Center in Oregon. Mr. Asmuth reported that studies at the Serenity Lance Treatment Center showed that 70% of individuals who participated in a long-term rehabilitation program were successful if they completed a full year of rehabilitation treatment. Another study, conducted in Australia, found that 14% of the participants were able to maintain sobriety after a one year rehabilitation treatment program.

Heroin addiction is a serious illness that can ruin the lives of many individuals. If Heroin addicts seek treatment for their addiction, then they are taking courageous and positive steps toward healthier and happier lives.

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