Heroin Addiction: Signs and Symptoms of A Heroin Probelm

Heroin is a strong drug from the opiate family that affects areas of the brain related to pleasure. There is a high risk of Heroin addiction and it can cause several symptoms that will be unpleasant to your mind and body.

1. Radical changes in behavior

Changes in behavior can be a common sign for any drug abuser. The effects of Heroin addiction are similar to all types of opiates. Poor decision-making skills and unclear thoughts are common effects of opiate addiction. An experienced drug abuser may be able to hide certain signs, but behavioral changes can be readily apparent. Lack of interest in usual hobbies and withdrawal from family and friends are also common signs with Heroin addiction.

The level of tolerance also determines the amount of behavior changes. Withdrawal symptoms occur rapidly within 24 hours. When a drug has been used for an extended period of time the withdrawal symptoms can last up to a week and could become fatal if use is stopped suddenly.

2. Highs and lows of fatigue

Heroin is an addictive drug that can drastically affect sleep patterns and energy of a person. Sudden sleeping, resembling narcolepsy, is also common. The fatigue can also cause slowed breathing at times. There can be periods with surges of energy followed by intense levels of sleeping. This level of fatigue can be very confusing for outsiders. Sleeping patterns tend to be illogical and can be coupled with slurred or garbled speech at times too.

3. Flushed skin and bruising

The body quickly experiences euphoria and a rush of blood flow in capillaries against the skin when Heroin is used; this rush of blood flow can cause the skin to appear flushed. The use of needles can cause an external bruising appearance on the skin. With Heroin addiction, over a longer period of time, marks on the skin known as track marks can also be visible where needles were inserted.

4. Body abnormalities

Many drugs affect the way the eyes dilate or look. Opiates such as Heroin cause pupils to become smaller and constricted. The eyelids will appear droopy throughout the period of Heroin addiction or abuse. This is different from normal eyelid heaviness in the morning or late evening. The body will match the eyes and give an overall droopy appearance. There are also a few other peculiar abnormalities to be aware of:

  • Loss of menstrual cycle in women
  • Sharp weight loss
  • Random infections and frequent cold-like symptoms, such as having a runny nose

5. Drug paraphernalia

Heroin drug use has a few markers in the equipment used. Common paraphernalia that can be observed are burnt aluminum foil or spoons with straws; straws will usually have a burn mark on the tip. Several small plastic bags are also commonly found near these equipments. Finding needles and syringes are also common signs if the individual is not diabetic or in need of any legitimate, injectable medication.

If someone you know show signs of drug abuse and Heroin addiction, it’s important to encourage them to seek out help. Loved ones and friends should approach behavioral concerns lovingly and gently, while encouraging users to seek out Heroin addiction treatment plans immediately. Call our heroin addiction hotline today 800.447.9081.

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