Historical Figures Who Died of Heroin Overdose

Drug addiction is not a struggle only known to people who are plagued by poverty and less fortunate situations. Throughout history, countless figures have suffered the deterioration and eventual death of Heroin addiction. The following list is comprised of infamous people who turned to Heroin to numb the pain they experienced in life.

John Belushi

Considered one of the greatest comedians of his generation, John Belushi died of an overdose on a speedball – a dangerous mixture of Heroin and cocaine. John Belushi was an original cast member on Saturday Night Live. He also pursued a movie career starring in the highly successful, The Blue Brothers and Animal House. John Belushi used drugs in part to find inspiration and energy in order to deliver the humor that was expected of him. This pressure was the catalyst that led to his chronic abuse of Heroin. People pleasing can be a dangerous cycle since it is an on going process that seldom has any lasting gratification. John Belushi was 33 when he was discovered dead in a hotel room on Sunset Boulevard, in California.

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Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain was the lead singer in the popular band Nirvana. It is reported that he turned to Heroin as a way to escape the stress brought on by sudden fame. Kurt Cobain also suffered from depression and found it difficult to deal with the image the public had of him and his musician wife Courtney Love. He was found dead inside his home in Seattle Washington. Although he died of a self inflicted gunshot wound to he head, his addiction to Heroin exacerbated a deep rooted struggle he had with depression.

River Phoenix

River Phoenix was an up and coming actor and aspiring musician who began his career at the age of 10. His most notable role was performed in the movie Stand By Me (1986). Following his impressive portrayal of Chris Chambers in Stand By Me he became a household name. In an interview published in the Washington Post, Phoenix said, “The truth is, I identified so much with the role of Chris Chambers that if I hadn’t had my family to go back to after the shoot, I’d have probably had to see a psychiatrist”. At the age of 27 Phoenix died of a Heroin overdose when he collapsed into a fit of convulsions outside a nightclub in California. Phoenix’s earlier life was plagued with instability due to a religious cult that his parents and siblings were members of. When the leaders of this cult began to make inappropriate sexual demands on its members, Phoenix’s parents left and followed veganism. As a result of the unstable early life River Phoenix lived with his parents, he was severely undereducated. River Phoenix claimed to have lost his virginity at around 5 years of age. The circumstances surrounding his early life in the religious cult seemed to have an overwhelming hand in propelling him toward the practice of self medicating with Heroin.

Heroin addiction is no respecter of persons. It strikes at any age and at any level of wealth. The above listed celebrities were at the height of success and fortune, yet Heroin addiction had an even stronger hold on their lives. If you find yourself struggling in the areas of excessive people pleasing, debilitating depression, traumatic childhood experiences, and an overwhelming sense of pressure, seek help now. The people around you can only help you as far as you are willing to seek help for yourself. The end to Heroin addiction is death. The only other option to avoid this end is to get help for the symptoms that drive you to this lethal drug.

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