How To Avoid Relapse – Learning to Cope With Stress

When you are dealing with drug abuse, you likely know that you need to go to rehabilitation, and at this point, you have already taken that step. Whether you are going through a program now or you have recently left one, you want to know how you can deal with stress to prevent a relapse once the program is over.

Ask Your Counselors

The stress that can come after rehab is something your counselors have surely seen before. Prior to completing the program, let them know that you are concerned about this particular element and that you want to craft a plan toward a better life. Inform them of your concerns that stress is going to lead you down a road to relapse. They will then be able to provide you with strategies to overcome this stress in all different situations.

Let People Know What’s Happening

You are also going to be heading back into a world with your family members, friends and coworkers. While you may decide not to tell everyone in your life what is going on, you can gain some understanding by doing so. Of course, you must understand that people are going to live their lives, and they may need to talk to you about serious situations at times. However, when they know what you are going through, they will likely be more understanding and recognize that unnecessary stress is the last thing you need. Don’t be afraid to take this step.

Prayer, Religion and Spirituality

When you are attending rehab, you may feel a strong sense of community. You recognize that others around you are dealing with similar situations, and you may not feel so alone as a result. Once you leave, however, you can start to feel as though you are alone in the world. When you start to talk to God and practice a religion to gain your own sense of spirituality, you will be reminded that there is always somewhere you can turn when you are in need of help or support.

Find a Hobby

Part of the issue is that you are going to feel as though your mind is constantly drifting over to drugs. You might think about them repeatedly when you do not have anything to do. After a day of work or classes, your mind really may begin to wander. Fortunately, by finding a hobby that you love, you can feel a sense of relief. You will not be so focused on the drugs, and you will have a positive element in which to place your energy. This can really help you on your road to recovery.

Ask for Help

You may feel as though you are no longer able to ask for help once you have finished your stay at the rehabilitation center. This is absolutely not true. Before you leave rehab, find out what support services are available for individuals once they are done with the program. You should keep the number of a counselor in your phone so that you have someone to call. You may also find that family members and friends are quite willing to help and listen when you need to talk.

The road to recovery can be a long one, and you may still be at the beginning when you leave the drug rehab facility. Fortunately, by calling us today, we can help get you started in the right direction and assist you in changing your life for the better.

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