How to Help Someone with Alcohol Addiction?

It is exceptionally difficult for anyone to be a close friend or family member to someone who is struggling with alcohol addiction. Not only is alcoholism prevalent in almost every socioeconomic group, it is also one of the most dangerous addictions. Many of those that are in close proximity to an alcoholic are unsure of how to help, so here is a closer look at some of the signs that someone is addicted to alcohol, how to approach the matter, and what forms of rehab and treatment are most effective.

The Stages of Alcohol Addiction

An addiction to alcohol is not simply a problem that an individual can get over whenever they want. Alcoholism is a medically proven disease that not only negatively impacts one’s life, but also could be fatal if not treated in the correct manner. Some individuals are able to drink throughout the week without any issues while others may find themselves unable to touch alcohol whatsoever. It is important to remember that alcoholism comes in stages and is considered an addiction when it is negatively impacting one’s life and the individual feels helpless or hopeless when around alcohol or after consuming alcohol.

How to Broach the Subject of Alcohol Addiction Treatment

There is no single correct way to take on this difficult situation, and it is important for the family or friends that will be helping to come into it with an open mind. It is also essential to refrain from broaching this with the individual when they are under the influence of alcohol as the information may be difficult to digest and they could also react negatively. Those hoping to help should find a decent time and place in which the individual is sober, lucid, and comfortable. Everyone should make it clear that they are coming from a place of love and doing so because they are nervous about the consequences of alcoholism.

It is also a good idea to have a number of specific incidences in which alcohol has negatively impacted one’s life. This may include anything from canceling on plans or starting an argument to driving under the influence or letting their personal health suffer. By doing this, everyone can ensure that they are directing the conversation in the correct path and have the highest likelihood of success.

What to Do When Unsuccessful
Before this conversation takes place, it is also a good idea to have a treatment program in mind if the individual struggling with alcohol decides that they do in fact need help. For those that are not able to sway the mind of the alcoholic with the initial conversation, it is vital to stay patient, positive, and persistent. Not only will many deny that they have a problem in the first place, others may fail during their first few attempts at rehabilitation. By speaking to the individual, it will often plant that first seed of doubt that they may in fact have a problem, and this could lead to changes in the future.

Current Rehab Options
When the process is finally successful, those that are struggling with an addiction can begin exploring their own options for the type of treatment that will work best for them. Some may opt for an intensive outpatient treatment while others may look into a private inpatient treatment center or a group treatment center. These organizations have all of the tools that are needed to not only help guests through those first few weeks, but to also create the tools they will need when returning to their daily life.

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