I’m addicted to painkillers but I have chronic pain?

Find an Addiction Treatment center with a Chronic Pain Management Track

It’s easy to find headlines that discuss drug addiction and how it affects society. However, the issue of treating individuals who have chronic pain and opioid dependence isn’t discussed very often.

There is a very delicate balance when it comes to treating chronic pain and making sure patients don’t become addicted to painkillers. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough statistics that discuss how often chronic pain patients actually develop an addiction.

A Deeper Look

Individuals who’re addicted to painkillers but have chronic pain need a clinic that has a pain management track. This is a service that many facilities provide to patients, and early statistics show that it can be quite effective.

There are studies that show a strong relationship between a history of traumatizing events, chronic pain and substance abuse. A pain management track is used to address all of these different issues. Fortunately, the program is used to manage all of these issues in a single treatment plan.

It’s estimated that anywhere from 25 to 30 percent of the entire population suffer from some form of chronic pain. Studies show that chronic pain can cause severe disability and misery in a large percentage of individuals.

Recent findings show that chronic pain is actually a disease of the brain. It has also been discovered that the right environment can actually allow the brain to heal itself, which eventually leads to the brain returning to normal functioning.

Mood, Coping Skills and Calmness

When suffering from chronic pain, individuals can experience changes in their mood, coping skills and memory. However, their ability to stay calm and hopeful can also be impaired.

Put simply, their outlook on life becomes very grim. Virtually all chronic pain patients suffer these symptoms, but fortunately, all of the symptoms can be treated.

Why a Treatment Center Is Needed

There is no doubt that chronic pain patients need a treatment center. Such a program can give patients insights into how the pain has affected their abilities. Patients are able to learn about a new approach to pain. Put simply, they’re transformed into someone who is able to control the pain.

The biggest problem for individuals who’re addicted to painkillers but have chronic pain is a lack of oversight. It’s very common for patients to be treated with very strong painkillers while little oversight is provided to the patient.

This is the main reason why chronic pain patients develop a severe addiction to painkillers. The reason why a treatment center is needed is because it provides patients with the direction and oversight that they need. It fills all of the gaps that traditional care doesn’t fill.

A lot of people want to eliminate their addiction to painkillers, but they’re afraid to stop taking the opiates because they suffer from chronic pain.

Unmatched Insight

A treatment center that has pain management track is a place where patients can gain insight and find out what they need to do to accomplish their goal. If you or someone you know is addicted to painkillers but has chronic pain, it’s best to get help immediately.

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