The Importance of Early Intervention for Teen Drug Addiction

In many communities, teen experimentation with drugs can be somewhat commonplace. Much of the time, these experimental sessions don’t become problematic. However, it doesn’t take much for the right set of circumstances in a teen’s life to push him to find solace in substance abuse. As a teenager, he’s figuring out what it means to be an adult and is faced with many challenges that can seem overwhelming. Without early intervention, this experimental stage could become habit-forming and dangerous.

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Long-lasting Physical Effects

The brain of a teenager is still in development. Various drugs can have a severe impact on cognitive abilities when using substances. This can greatly alter a teen’s future as education and mental capacities begin to diminish. Honor roll students can become intermediary, reducing the ability to obtain academic scholarships or even considering college level courses. Many teenagers don’t take into consideration that they’re still underdeveloped, and anything that can alter the brain’s chemistry can have severely negative physical and mental consequences.

Motor skills can also be affected by drug abuse during the teen years. In some cases, the ability to operate machinery including automobiles has been permanently eliminated, placing the individual and everyone else on the road at risk. Such drug abuse can reduce career potential, making it more difficult for a teen to advance as a productive adult.

Breaking Cycles

Children with parents who are addicts have an increased chance of becoming addicts themselves. This is a vicious cycle that has the capacity to be broken if early intervention occurs on the teen’s behalf. If the teen addict is able to recover from drug abuse, he could reduce the chances of his offspring being afflicted as well. This could greatly alter the outcome of family development and change many aspects, such as social class as well as notoriety within the community.

Wasted Childhood and Resentment

There are many adults who resent not making the most of their teen years in high school. During these years, there’s so much that can be experienced for the first time that drug-addicted teens may be missing. Early intervention has the capacity to help these teens recapture their youth before it’s gone and allow them to make better choices before reaching adulthood. Life can be full of resentments from sober individuals, let alone the complications that can arise from being under the influence. Situations such as fatal automobile accidents can haunt a person for the rest of his life – which may have been avoided with early intervention.

Sexual Activity

While under the influence of any substance, many people have made poor choices in mates. For a teen, this could develop into unplanned pregnancy or even fatal sexually transmitted diseases. Early intervention can help keep the teenager’s mind and reasoning abilities from making poor choices in sexual activities and/or partners. Being under the influence can also allow the teen to be taken advantage of by inappropriate individuals for sexual conquest.

Early intervention can save a teenager from a life of misery and constant uphill battles. A teenager’s life has barely started and it’s going to be difficult enough without drug abuse playing a factor in the outcome. If you’re a teenager experiencing drug abuse or know someone who is, call the helpline at 800-447-9081. Look forward to the joys life will bring in the coming years.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

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