How to Inject Meth: The Dangers of This Illegal Substance

Injecting meth into the veins is one of the most harmful ways to take this destructive drug. A user’s health and safety are at risk every time the individual shoots meth. Unfortunately, many continue to inject the drug because it’s the only way for them to achieve a high. The following provides information on how to inject meth and the dangers of this illegal substance.

How to Inject Meth

Injecting meth is done by placing a small amount of the drug in a spoon or other container. It’s then mixed with sterilized or distilled water. Some addicts heat the solution. A cotton ball or other item is used as a filter, and the methamphetamine solution is drawn into a syringe through the filter. It’s then injected into a vein.

Heart Damage

A serious danger of injecting meth is permanent heart damage. Meth affects blood pressure and the muscles in the heart. It can cause your heart to race or beat abnormally for long periods of time, and affects the arteries throughout your body. The damage caused by meth could eventually lead to a fatal heart attack if you don’t stop using.


Diseases and infections are a very real risk when injecting meth. A dirty needle could transmit a host of viruses directly into the blood. You could contract the human immunodeficiency virus or hepatitis if you share needles with other individuals. These diseases can destroy your kidneys, your immune system and even your brain.

Collapsed Veins

Shooting up meth repeatedly can cause the veins to collapse. The veins where you’re injecting the methamphetamine become unable to carry a normal amount of blood through your body. A fully collapsed vein will block blood flow completely. Collapsed veins can affect your heart and the amount of oxygen getting to your internal organs and brain.


People who learn how to inject meth aren’t always aware that the drug can lead to a dangerous condition commonly called tweaking. When tweaking, you’re hyperactive and might not sleep for over a week. You’ll become unaware of normal things and highly irritable. Tweaking can lead to heart problems, difficulty breathing and very risky behaviors.

Psychosis, Hallucinations and Violence

Injecting methamphetamine can cause the brain to start functioning incorrectly. The results can be psychosis, hallucinations and violence. If you enter a state of psychosis, you’ll lose touch with the real world and the people around you. You can become highly paranoid about everything, and start to see and hear things that aren’t real. Some people who shoot meth eventually turn violent and attempt to injure friends, strangers and even themselves.

Death Due to Overdose

A final risk of injecting meth is death due to an overdose. The amount of meth you can shoot into your body with a single syringe is dangerous. The impact of injecting a large amount of meth could cause your heart to stop. You might have a seizure or experience organ failure. The dangers of overdosing are a good reason to never inject meth.

If you’re in the habit of injecting meth, you have a serious addiction that needs to be addressed right away. Get into treatment today to protect your health. Residential rehab centers can guide you through recovery from start to finish. Call the hotline at 800-447-9081 to get help for meth addiction.

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