Does my insurance cover for teen rehab?

What does insurance cover?

Teenagers, just like their adult counterparts, may face addiction issues. It is not uncommon for teenagers to experiment with drugs and alcohol. However, for a small subset of teens, this experimentation may lead to serious problems with addiction. In that case, treatment under the supervision of a licensed teen rehab care facility with skills staff members is imperative. If you find out that your teen has been struggling with addiction issues, it is important to get your teen the right kind of help as soon as you possibly can.

Unfortunately, doing so often requires working not only with rehab staffers and doctors but with insurance agents as well. In many cases, insurance plans will cover a teenager’s rehab costs. Most plans at least some coverage for mental health issues. Addiction is considered to fall under the mental health issue diagnosis. In that case, an insurance company will provide access to treatment.

The question, for many parents, is finding out the type of coverage offered and how much the insurance company will pay for treatment. These questions can be hard to answer. In general, many insurance company plans will pay for the full costs of a stay at a teen rehab for a certain number of days each year. The number of days covered varies from insurance company to insurance company. Some will pay for the insurance for only a week. Others may pay for a month. Still others will pay for several months of treatment or even longer.

The type of treatment will also vary. Some insurance companies will pay for only inpatient treatment or only outpatient treatment. Many insurance companies distinguish between the two types of treatment. Many insurance companies will pay for a combination of inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment. This may include an initial stay at a facility and then additional treatment once the teen is released.

Many insurance companies have specific rules that govern the treatment of addiction issues for teens. In many instances, the facility will require the parents to commit to treatment at a specific center. This is often done because the center specializes in treatment of teen addiction issues. A center that has specialists who have a proven track record addressing teen addiction issues is often best for the teen. Staffers and doctors are often well aware of how to treat such issues. In many cases, such specialized centers have an excellent track record helping teens overcome their addiction problems.

In most cases, the person seeking help for their teen’s addiction problem will need to consult both their HR departments and the insurance company. Many insurance company plans require the company to authorize treatment before the teen can be admitted to the facility. The insurance company may only waive this requirement in case of an emergency such as an overdose that directly threatens a teen’s life. The insurance company officials will still need to work with the addiction center to help determine the teen’s best long term care plan.

How do I find out about insurance coverage for a teen rehab?

Most parents will want to consult with their company about their teen’s issues. Many companies have staffers who have worked with employees on this issue before. The company staff member can help the employee figure out how best to formulate a plan of action. This plan should ideally help maximize the treatment resources that are available to the teen and their parents.

In all cases, it is best to speak directly with treatment center staffers during the entire process. Staffers are often trained to work directly with teens and with insurance companies. They may have years of experience sorting out problems and helping teens get the treatment they need.

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