How an Intervention Specialist can Help You Plan an Intervention

If you know a friend or family member who is abusing drugs or alcohol, you are aware of the damage addiction causes. If you live with an alcoholic or drug user, you may experience more pain than you ever thought was possible. If you have a friend who abuses any substance, you may see the damage the abuse is causing before your addicted friend notices. You may have discussed addiction with your friend or family member without success. Often, an addict is either unwilling or unable to seek treatment. As difficult as it seems, you may find yourself in a position where you want to take action to help your loved one. If so, you should consider an intervention.

When do you need an intervention specialist?

An intervention is an intentional confrontation with an addict. People who care come together to face the addict. During the intervention, friends and family members of the addict speak about their concerns and give examples of how the addict has hurt them. The goal of the intervention is to influence the addict to get treatment. An intervention specialist can help you deal with this difficult situation.

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For the best chance of success, an intervention should be carefully planned. You should do research on the substance that is being abused. You should also learn about treatment centers near you. Talk with family and friends to share what you’ve learned. Find out who is willing to participate, and make plans to meet together to decide how to handle the intervention. An intervention may seem overwhelming to you, but there are professionals available to help you through the process.

An intervention specialist is a professional who is knowledgeable about addiction, such as a counselor, psychologist or social worker. An intervention specialist understands the process and will guide you through it. You can hold an intervention without the help of a specialist, but having help from an expert can make things easier, especially if your loved one is extremely resistant to treatment.

How does an intervention specialist help?

Most people don’t have any experience with intervention. You may be worried over handing an intervention on your own. How do you know what to say during an intervention? What do you do if emotions get too high, and the intervention starts turning into a terrible experience? An intervention specialist can help make sure the process stays on track and has the highest chance of success.

When you work with an intervention professional, you will receive advice from someone who is trained to work with addicts. The specialist will make suggestions about who to include and exclude from the intervention. He or she can answer questions about the drug that is being abused and make suggestions about treatment programs. Intervention specialists can tell you about the process for admission so that you are prepare, and they may also remind you about things like checking insurance coverage. Since you are working with a professional, you will have access to information about support groups and other local community services as well.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

If you are thinking about an intervention for someone you love, contact our helpline at 800-447-9081. We are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and help you during this difficult time. Call us now, and help your loved one get into a treatment program soon.

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