Is Tylox Addiction Affecting Your Life?

Tylox is a popular medication prescribed to patients suffering from pain that ranges anywhere from mild to severe. It’s commonly prescribed for short-term use among post-surgery patients and consists of a combination of oxycodone and acetaminophen. Like many other prescription medications, Tylox has the propensity to lead to addiction if a person begins to abuse the drug and takes a higher dosage than prescribed. The following will provide a detailed look at how using Tylox for pain management can lead to addiction, as well as other factors that may contribute to addiction.

How Using Tylox for Pain Management Can Lead to Addiction

Is Tylox Addiction Affecting Your Life? Tylox is an extremely potent drug, due primarily to the mixture of oxycodone with acetaminophen. The medication is commonly prescribed for mild to moderate pain. Tylox creates an effect within a person that drastically reduces pain when taken at the correct or higher dosage. When an individual isn’t taking the medication, the pain oftentimes comes back and hurts just as much as before. Since the medication may not take the pain away entirely, users may feel the need to take it more often than they should for the effects to last as long as possible, thus avoiding pain and discomfort.

Such a scenario creates a high possibility for abuse of the drug. Continued abuse is the primary reason addiction occurs within the user, as the body becomes increasingly dependent on the drug in order to function properly. This indicates that the user will need to take higher doses to achieve the same level of euphoria and pain relief as experienced previously. While Tylox addiction does occur among users who simply want to take the medication for recreational purposes, the potency and pain management aspect of the medication leads many people who are properly using it for pain relief to start abusing the drug and later become addicted to it.

When a person becomes addicted to Tylox, he’ll start to experience a large number of side effects and symptoms of the addiction, including an intense craving for the drug when not taking it. Addiction can ruin relationships and destroy a person’s finances. Even if an individual has never taken drugs for recreational purposes in the past, the fact that Tylox relieves pain so well can create addiction in most anyone who doesn’t stick to their given dosage. The primary side effects experienced with Tylox addiction include a runny nose, severe mood swings with distinct differences in mood presenting when not on the medication, and nausea and upset stomach.

If a person has become addicted to this medication, he’ll also go through a withdrawal process whenever he tries to stop using the drug. Though the withdrawal effects aren’t exactly life-threatening, they’re largely uncomfortable and can include everything from vomiting and diarrhea to insomnia, anxiety and delusions. To ensure this process doesn’t cause any additional health issues, it’s important to seek medical treatment for detoxification.

Other Factors That Contribute to Tylox Addiction

There are a couple of additional factors that can contribute to Tylox addiction. Tylox is classified as an opioid. As such, recreational users view Tylox as a powerful drug that can create an intense and extremely quick-acting euphoria that lasts for quite some time. Though many recreational users begin with mere abuse of the drug, this abuse tends to quickly turn into an addiction due to the potency of the substance. Mixing the medication with alcohol or other drugs can also contribute to Tylox addiction. The side effects of this interaction include vomiting, constipation, mood swings, allergic reactions, and cardiac and respiratory failure. Such a combination can also lead to a quicker dependence on and addiction to Tylox, as the medication combined with alcohol boosts the effects of both.

Why You Need to Seek Help, Starting Today

Is Tylox Addiction Affecting Your Life? Once you’ve noticed the telltale signs of a Tylox addiction, it’s time to seek help – starting today. While the medication may relieve your pain now, the dependence your body has on the drug will soon make it to where the drug no longer has the same effects on you and you’ll have to take more of it to reach the same level of pain relief you once did. After a while, you won’t be able to stop using the drug and it’ll start to affect every area of your life.

Your relationships will begin to sour and your responsibilities at work or school will be overlooked. Many people who’ve become addicted to Tylox will eventually spend all of their money and savings to fund their addictions. This could lead to a point where you steal from others to fund your habit, which can bring about jail time if you’re caught.

It’s so important to get treatment and accept that you need help as soon as possible. You may be able to choose between inpatient and outpatient treatment. The former takes place in a residential rehabilitation facility that requires you to stay in the center for at least 28 days on a 24/7 basis, while the latter allows you to attend treatment in the afternoons and evenings while still fulfilling work and school obligations. In addition to detoxification, individual, group and family therapy are provided as a means of helping you through your addiction.

If you find that you or someone close to you is currently addicted to Tylox, call the drug abuse helpline at 800-447-9081 today!

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