What kind of monitoring goes on in a substance abuse treatment center?

Monitoring regularly takes place in substance abuse treatment centers. One type of monitoring is done to keep everyone safe and to prevent disruptive behaviors. The other type of monitoring is done to make sure patients are healthy and making progress. You will find several types of monitoring going on in a substance abuse treatment center.

Visual Monitoring By Staff

Anyone taking part in an inpatient program, at a substance abuse treatment center, is going to be visually monitored by the staff. This occurs when staff or security walks around the center to see what is going on. This is actually very important because it can prevent fights, dangerous activities and people bringing in illegal substances or items. Visual monitoring also helps the staff to identify when a particular person is showing unusual or atypical behaviors. Staff members who are monitoring in this way are mostly looking for people breaking the rules or anomalies.

Physical Health

Your physical health will also be monitored while you are in a substance abuse treatment center. Recovering from drug or alcohol abuse can take a serious toll on the body and can even cause or leave behind permanent damage. Everyone going through recovery needs to be checked on a regular basis to make sure that the body is recovering normally. This monitoring might also include prescription drug management by the staff if medications are necessary to deal with medical issues. This monitoring could involve daily or weekly checkups, depending on the severity of the addiction.

Mental Health

Recovering from addiction can be an emotional, frightening and confusing time. This is why professionals, at the substance abuse treatment center, monitor the mental health of everyone participating in an inpatient rehab program. This type of monitoring is usually done through the normal counseling and therapy that is performed as part of treatment. Professionals will attempt to address any mental health issues that are discovered.

Facility Monitoring Through Cameras

The safety of all employees and patients is important; this is why the entire facility is monitored through cameras and potentially other devices. Cameras allow the staff to monitor entryways and common areas. They are used to prevent intruders from getting into the building. Additionally, some centers might require you to use access cards or codes to move between different areas. This is all done for safety.

Recovery Progress

The progress of each person in the substance abuse treatment center is very important. It can show the effectiveness of a program or the need to switch to a different therapeutic technique. Progress is carefully monitored to be certain that patients are not slipping back towards addictive or unhealthy behaviors. Progress is generally monitored through observation and through the different actions a person takes while in counseling or therapy sessions.

Close Monitoring For People Causing Disruptions

A special situation can occur if a particular patient has started causing disruptions during the course of treatment. These could be outbursts, violations of the substance abuse treatment center rules or even violent actions. Some of these people are immediately asked to the leave the center. Other times they might just be monitored more closely. Some centers might ensure a staff member is near the person at all times until the disruptive behaviors stop, though this is very rare.

Outcome Monitoring

A final type of monitoring that can be performed after someone successfully completes the program is outcome monitoring. Outcome monitoring requires a professional at the treatment center to stay in contact with patients in order to see how recovery outside of the facility is progressing. This monitoring is mostly intended to help determine the effectiveness of different treatment programs.

All of the monitoring in a substance abuse treatment center is designed to protect the safety of patients. It is also used to measure how a person is responding to treatment. You should never let worries about monitoring stop you from seeking help for your substance abuse problem. Your best chance for a full recovery is contacting a substance abuse treatment center today!

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