How Do I Know If I Have Developed an Ambien Dependence?

Ambien can be a very helpful drug when used correctly. However, it’s also a habit-forming medication. Taking it for long periods of time or taking more than prescribed can lead to dependency. You may eventually feel that you must take Ambien all of the time just to stay functional. The following information reveals how to tell if you’ve developed an Ambien dependence.

You Are Taking Ambien When It Is Not Needed

One of the first signs that you might be dependent on Ambien is if you start taking the medication even when it isn’t needed. This means you’ve stopped taking it only at night to get to sleep. You might be taking it at night even if you know that you can get to sleep without it. Dependence often creates a craving to use the drug. You may take Ambien in the morning or during the day to achieve a euphoric or relaxed feeling.

You Build a Tolerance to Ambien

Ambien dependence usually results in an increasing tolerance for the medication. Your body will stop responding to the initial dosage that was prescribed. You’ll have to start taking more pills to get the same effects. The tolerance you develop could lead to an overdose. If you need to take more Ambien than prescribed, you’re probably dependent on the drug.

You Have Difficulty Functioning Without the Drug

A clear sign of Ambien dependence is difficulty functioning without the medication. It might become impossible for you to get through the day without taking Ambien at some point. You might become confused or lethargic if you don’t keep taking the drug. This occurs because your body has adjusted to rely on the Ambien to complete certain chemical processes. If you need Ambien to function normally, you must get into rehab immediately.

You Are Ignoring Negative Consequences

If you’ve become dependent on Ambien, you’ll likely start to ignore the negative consequences of abusing the drug. You’ll start to place more value on getting and taking the medication than performing normal responsibilities. Dependence can lead to financial problems since you need to buy more of the drug, usually through illegal channels. Your relationships could suffer. You might even lose your job because you cannot stop taking Ambien.

You Go Into Withdrawal

A very indicative sign that you have an Ambien dependence is if you start to go into withdrawal when you don’t take the medication. Withdrawal means that your body chemistry has altered and now requires Ambien to function correctly. Withdrawal symptoms can include shaking, sweating, irregular heartbeat and confusion. You can start to experience withdrawal anywhere from a few hours to a full day after you last took Ambien. Withdrawal can be dangerous and even life-threatening. This is why you’ll need medical detox to break your physical dependence on Ambien.

Ambien dependence is a very serious issue that you need to address right away. An addiction to Ambien can result in the loss of your job, financial problems and even legal trouble. You need the help of a professional treatment center that can allow you to detox safely and quit your reliance on Ambien. Begin your recovery by calling the addiction helpline at 800-447-9081 today.

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