Latest Approaches to Reducing Teen Prescription Drug Abuse

Teen prescription drug abuse is not new. However, it does seem to be on the rise in recent years, so stopping it is very important. In fact, there are some approaches that are being tried to reduce teen prescription drug abuse. Some of the latest approaches are quite effective.

Educating Teens about Prescription Drug Abuse

One of the biggest approaches is educating teens about what prescription drug abuse is and the serious consequences of abusing prescription drugs. In fact, many school systems now have drug education programs in the classrooms as early as elementary school to teach kids about the dangers of prescription drugs. It is important to teach kids from an early age about this issue, so they can make the right choices about drugs when they become teens and are faced with the decision to try drugs or not. When kids understand how dangerous these prescription drugs can be and what damages they can cause, they are less likely to want to try them.

Educating Parents on the dangers of Prescription Drug Abuse

Educating children about the dangers of prescription drug abuse isn’t enough. Parents also have to understand the dangers of these drugs and how teens are using them. One of the latest approaches to reduce teen prescription drug use is to help parents understand how teens are getting their hands on the drugs. In many cases, the teens are taking the prescription drugs from their parents’ medicine cabinets, and the parents may not even notice the drugs are missing. In fact, there are even ads on TV that target parents, so they know that they need to lock up their medications, talk to their kids about the dangers of prescription drugs and watch out for signs of drug abuse. These commercials have been highly effective at educating parents who may not otherwise know what their children are up to.

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Educating Teachers on the effects of Prescription Drug Abuse

Another approach to reducing teen prescription drug abuse has to do with training teachers. Since teachers spend a significant amount of time with teens each week, it stands to reason that they might be the first persons to notice that a teen is using drugs. Therefore, one of the latest approaches to reducing teen prescription drug abuse is teaching teachers to watch for signs of drug abuse. When a teacher suspects there is a problem, the teacher might alert the guidance counselor, the principal, the school resource officer or even the parent. This can start the process of getting help for the teen who is addicted to drugs.

Anti-Drug Rallies

One cool approach to reducing teen prescription drug abuse is the use of anti-drug rallies in the schools or in the communities. These anti-drug rallies teach teens that drugs aren’t cool and that there are better ways for them to spend their time. For example, teens might choose to get involved in community service activities and volunteer their time. They might want to join sports teams at school or they can even start their own clubs. The point is that drugs don’t have much power over teens who are actively involved in positive activities. The trick is to get teens excited about not using drugs, and rallies can do just that.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

Any approach that seeks to reduce teen prescription drug abuse is worth the effort and the expense. It takes lots of different approaches to reach teens since some of them might be more receptive to the message than others. The key is to keep trying. If you suspect that a teen in your life is addicted to prescription drugs, then you can help them beat the addiction. Drug rehab is the best option, and it does work.

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