How Long Does Cocaine Stay In the System, and for How Long Will One Feel Its Effects?

How long does cocaine stay in the system? According to experts, the actual length of time cocaine generally stays in the blood is approximately 12 hours depending on the individual and the relative circumstances. However, if you’re concerned about a drug test, very few organizations actually rely on them to accurately check for cocaine use since their capability to check for small traces of it are somewhat restricted. Most people will use a urine test instead, since the drug’s byproducts remain in the system for days after using the drug. In the case of cocaine, urine tests can detect the drug for up to two or three days following the last hit. Drug tests that utilize hair to find key byproducts can detect the drug in the system for many months after using it.

How long does cocaine stay in the system? The following provides the various timeframes and ways that cocaine stays in blood, urine and hair.

Length of Time Cocaine Remains In Blood

Overall, a minute part of a user’s cocaine dose can stay in the system and ultimately be detected for up to 48 hours after using in some cases. Many cocaine users develop a tolerance for cocaine and therefore the concentrations that are stored are also important for testing blood. Unlike other addictive drugs, coke has a huge overlap between therapeutic, lethal and toxic concentrations. In fact, there are some cases where no cocaine was detected in the blood, even after long-term use.

Length of Time Cocaine Remains In Urine

Similar to other drugs, there’s no actual timeframe that cocaine can be detected in urine. The drug’s metabolites can be excreted in urine for many weeks upon using the drug.

On the other hand, very low doses can be accurately detected in the initial hours after using. However, benzoylecgonine typically stays in urine just enough to be detected anywhere from two to eight days. Heavy, chronic cocaine use can show detectable amounts as long as 10 days after a binge.

Length of Time Cocaine Remains In Hair

Just like other drugs, concentrations of cocaine in hair will show up for a minimum of 90 days upon taking the last dose. However, contrary to what most people think, coke isn’t found at the hair’s root, but rather in other portions – which means that it remains there until either the hair is cut off or falls out.

How Long Do the Effects of Cocaine Last?

How long does cocaine stay in the system overall? Cocaine doses are distinguished based on the significant overlap between lethal, toxic and therapeutic concentrations in addicts and patients. Additionally, repeated doses (known as bingeing) can make a huge difference in the way cocaine affects the overall system. For example, here’s a comparison of different cocaine doses measured through various routes and the way they peak at certain plasma concentration levels regarding different timeframes:

• One 30 mg dose of cocaine injected intravenously reaches peak levels in approximately five minutes.
• After snorting a 100 mg dose of cocaine, peak plasma concentration levels are reached in 30 minutes or less.
• Smoking a 50 mg dose of cocaine will reach peak plasma concentration levels within about 45 minutes.
• After swallowing 140 mg of cocaine, peak concentration levels are reached around one hour.

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