How Long is Cocaine in Your System? How Does Cocaine Affect Your System Before it Passes?

Addiction to cocaine can have devastating consequences on both your mental and physical health. Your dependency on the drug will determine the length of time it remains in your body. Various drug-testing procedures that include hair, urine and blood samples can offer information on whether you are currently using cocaine.

The hair test can detect that you have used the drug during the past ninety days and possibly longer. Urine testing can determine that you have used cocaine from 2 to 30 days. A blood sample test can tell if you used the drug during the past 12 hours.

The accuracy of drug testing and length of time for the test to detect use is determined by your metabolism, physical size and dietary habits. Your chances are greater of testing positive for drug use if you are overweight and lead an inactive lifestyle. This isn’t a reason to think that using cocaine regularly is fine because you think you can beat a drug test.

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Cocaine Addiction Can Damage Your Body

Your chances of developing serious health problems will rise dramatically from continued use of the drug. You can stop using but still develop long-term health problems in the future from past drug abuse. There will be consequences to face when you make the choice to use drugs.

Just one hit of cocaine automatically increases your heart rate and blood pressure. The reason this happens is because your body recognizes that something has interfered with the normal operations that involve the circulatory system. If you take another hit of cocaine to continue the high it places more stress on the heart and blood vessels.

Continued use of cocaine over months to years can severely damage the heart muscle and circulatory system. You could develop high blood pressure that requires daily medication to keep it under control. Your cocaine addiction could cause you to have heart disease with symptoms varying from an enlarged heart to having heart attacks.

Cocaine addiction changes the chemistry of the brain. In fact, almost all drugs have some type of impact on the brain. The euphoria and paranoia that you experience from the high of the cocaine hit come from neurotransmitters that release dopamine. This is why the addiction to cocaine is so hard to break without professional help.

Using cocaine to get high may give you a good feeling, but you are placing your health at risk over the long term. You need your heart to remain in good condition to live and your brain for reasoning, thinking and solving everyday issues involved with life. Taking good care of both should be your primary concern. You have your whole family to think about when you are abusing drugs.

Time To End The Cocaine Addiction

Stop damaging your body and mind by using dangerous drugs. Many of your friends might use cocaine and other drugs to get high. It doesn’t mean that you have to follow their footsteps down the road of self-destruction.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

Your addiction problem with cocaine has probably cost you too much in pain and suffering. Now is the time to speak with us on how we can help you defeat your dependency on cocaine. Don’t wait another moment. Take action now to get the results that you deserve. You can reach us on our hotline at 800-447-9081 to discuss your situation.

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