How Long Does Detox Take for Opiates? What Is the Process Like?

Detoxification from any drug is a long and involved process. Opiate addiction is one that leaves the body and mind weak, making supervised detoxification all the more important. Like with most drugs, fully cleansing the system depends highly on how long an individual has been addicted to the substance. Unlike many substances, opiate detoxification offers a variety of options.

Medical Detox

The medical option is best for those who’ve been using the longest, as they’ll have the greatest chance of suffering from severe withdrawal effects. In addition, those with medical conditions seeking detox should also choose this method. It involves constant supervision, with doctors gradually decreasing the amounts of a drug administered that mimics opium. It’s through this process that withdrawal is minimized. Should anything go wrong during the detox phase, the doctors present can address the situation before it becomes deadly.

How long does detox take? This option generally lasts from 10 to 14 days.

Rapid Detox

Requiring the individual to be under anesthesia for the entire duration, rapid detox is the quickest method of cleaning the drug from the system. This allows doctors to completely flush out the opiate while administering medication to fight the usual withdrawal symptoms. Unfortunately, because it’s so intensive, rapid detox is one of the more expensive options. Even so, it’s designated for those who continually try and fail to get clean and those who suffer from the worst of the withdrawal symptoms.

How long does detox take? Physically, the opiate is washed out in a matter of four to eight hours with rapid detox. The patient is usually kept for another 48 hours to be sure the individual is doing well both physically and mentally.

Stepped Rapid Detox

As one of the rapid detox alternatives, stepped requires patients to receive small injections of Narcan either under the skin or orally every hour. This is then combined with withdrawal medication. Because of its administration, it clears out the body much slower. This allows correct treatment adjustment as the body reacts, reducing the need for withdrawal medication. The addict is awake for the entire process and can communicate feelings and sensations to the staff.

How long does detox take? While some individuals can be done with stepped rapid detox in only two injections, most require a full day.

Ultra Rapid Detox

This is arguably the most expensive and the most dangerous of the rapid detox methods. Addicts are placed under anesthesia and given Naltrexone. This drug blocks all of the body’s endorphin receptors, meaning the opiate can be flushed out much faster. It should be noted that this process is extremely painful.

How long does detox take? Practitioners claim full detoxification anywhere from five to 30 minutes with this method.

Outpatient Detox

Those who aren’t expected to suffer severe withdrawal can opt for a less aggressive method of treatment. Outpatient detox is very safe and involves a series of prescribed medications.

How long does detox take? Expect to be fully recovered between seven and 14 days with outpatient detox.


This drug is an opiate mimic. Over the course of its administration, users take less and less until the medication is no longer required.

How long does detox take? The typical regime is 21 days with methadone treatment.

If you or a loved one is suffering, don’t face this addiction alone. Reach out to our helpline at 800-447-9081.

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