How Long Does Meth High Last When Combined With Other Substances?

Methamphetamine, or crystal meth, is a dangerous and highly addictive substance on its own. It can produce intense highs that leave users desperately craving another hit. Mixed with other drugs, however, meth takes on a new level of danger to which some drug users fatally succumb. These drug combinations nonetheless are becoming more commonplace in today’s illegal drug culture, which is why it’s vital that parents and other adults know the risks that could lie in wait for young meth users and know what to say when asked, “How long does meth high last?”

Meth Mixed With Alcohol

One of the more popular meth combinations readily available to many drug users today involves mixing this drug with alcohol. Alcohol depresses a person’s central nervous system, while meth induces excitability, hyperactivity and anxiety. The two substances in effect work against each other, which can cause a person to go into cardiac arrest or even die if a meth user consumes too much of either drug. At the very least, the effects of alcohol wear off much sooner than a high gained from using meth. A person intent on experiencing both substances together often has to keep drinking alcohol in order to prolong the mixed effects.

Meth Mixed With Cocaine

Cocaine and meth have very similar effects on a person’s body. Both drugs induce feelings of hyperactivity, anxiety, excitability and irritability. However, instead of working together to provide the “rush” many meth users crave, the two substances often clash and can lead to devastating physical side effects that include a heart attack, stroke or even death. In fact, the effects of this mix can last for four to five hours, which can be dangerous if a person has underlying health conditions that could be exacerbated by this meth combination.

Meth Mixed With Heroin

Heroin is known to be a very toxic illegal drug that’s highly addictive and deadly if misused by inexperienced drug users. When this drug is mixed with meth, however, its toxicity takes on a new level of danger. In fact, drug users who’ve mixed these two substances report feeling the meth having an effect on their bodies first, with the heroin taking a bit longer to “show up” with its known effects. However, once the heroin takes effect, drug users have reported even more intense highs than just using either drug by itself. The answer to “How long does meth high last?” varies in heroin users. Although, some reports indicate that the high from this combination can last up to 12 hours.

Meth Mixed With “Molly”

As one of the trendiest drugs on the illegal market, MDMA (or Molly as it’s known by many today) is a drug that’s very similar to PCP. It invokes hallucinations, intense highs and feelings of invincibility in those who take it. Combined with meth, the effects are even more powerful. People who’ve mixed Molly with meth report feeling high for as long as three days, but feeling very ill when the high finally subsides.

Understanding the answer to the question of, “How long does meth high last?” can be vital in keeping drug users safe from overdosing. People who want to help drug users overcome addiction can call the hotline at 800-447-9081. The professionals who work the helpline can provide expert and confidential advice.

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