Why is a long treatment stay better than a shorter stay?

Often times when people make the decision to go to rehab, they are uncertain whether or not they should enroll in a long treatment program or one that includes a shorter stay. That’s because there are pros and cons to each of these treatment options. However, generally the greatest option for the best results is a long treatment stay at a rehab center.

90 Days vs. 30 Day Treatment

Why is a 90-day treatment program more effective than a 30-day one? Well, for starters, 30-day s is not a sufficient amount of time to truly kick your habit. While there are some individuals who can beat their addiction in that small amount of time, that is not the case for most people. When people enroll in a 30-day program, they are a lot more likely to relapse than someone who has undergone treatment for 90 days. Remember, addiction is a complex area and it usually stems from a whole slew of reasons. For instance, there could be psychological issues, a history of trauma, or even family problems that trigger this addiction. Long treatment stays allow individuals to discover the root of their addiction and really work through their problems.

While a 30-day rehab stay is less expensive, because it’s not as time consuming, there are too many disadvantages here to ignore. To begin with, detox is a crucial part of overcoming a substance addiction. In fact, it can take a couple of days to two weeks depending on what the substance is. During this detox period, individuals cannot really focus on their treatment. Even a few days after the detox period is over, some individuals may feel detached as they go through withdrawal effects. Then, once that’s all over with, the person is left with just a week or two to focus all their energy on their addiction. For true addicts, this won’t be effective at all, which is why so many short-term rehab centers have such a low success rate. When individuals choose to go down this route, they are much more likely to relapse.

Plus, because of this low success rate, many individuals who go to a 30-day treatment program have to check themselves into rehab over and over again to beat their addiction. This not only takes an emotional toll on the individual, but a financial one too. In the long run, having to sign up in 30-day treatment programs multiple times costs way more than enrolling in a long treatment stay. That’s why it’s so important not to cut corners and just enter into a 90-day program to begin with.

When it comes to a 90-day treatment program, there is a much greater chance for you to truly do away with your addiction. Since it does run for 2 to 3 months, you are now away from the demands and stresses of real life, so you can focus solely on getting better. Also, within this time, you can learn what healthy coping methods are and which of your lifestyle choices need to be changed in order to reach sobriety. It’s this extra time which really does leave you better prepared to deal with the world and all of its temptations.

Of course making the decision whether to go through with a 90-day treatment program opposed to a 30-day one is up to the individual. However, if you are serious about kicking your addiction, it is important to opt for the long treatment stay. Do not waste any more time. Get control of your life and enroll in a rehab center right now.

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