The Many Names for Heroin

Due to the illegal nature of most narcotics it’s no surprise that pseudonyms are often used amongst the dealers, addicts and anyone else involved in illicit drug trading. Possibly the most dangerous drug, Heroin, has many different aliases in an attempt to keep law enforcement and non-users oblivious to its trafficking. Despite the secretive nature of Heroin use and sales, the terminology is widely used and often the same. Being educated on the terms of the trade is one way of effectively protecting you and your family from the dangers of Heroin.

Depending on how the drug is being marketed on the streets, it usually dictates what name Heroin will be referred to as. It is not just a drug used by the poverty class as depicted in films; it is prevalent in all levels of society. Amongst the higher classes, Heroin may be displayed as a more fashionable drug and communicated as such. Marketed to the higher class, “Gear”, “Dr. Feelgood”, “China White” and many other names are not uncommon amongst Heroin abusers. The street names are easily used because it can be very difficult to make the connection between such obscure references and a narcotic.

The name “H” and “Big H” are not often used due to its obvious connection to the name of the drug. Both film and music have made reference to the drug simply by its first letter since it is easy to make the connections with the audience. Although this term may not always be used, since it is so easily identifiable, it is still very popular amongst users and dealers anywhere in the world. Occasionally, the name “Number 8” is used to refer to H being the eighth letter in the alphabet. This term shows some of the effort that users are willing to make so they won’t be caught in connection with Heroin.

Heroin has also acquired some street names that refer to its potentially damaging effects on the human body. “Smack”, “Hell Dust”, “Junk” and “Skag” are common names used by the underground traffickers when referring to Heroin. These terms may also have derived from the incredibly addicting qualities of the drug. Users have general knowledge of how incredibly addicting Heroin is and damaging to their body, but they are unwilling to seek help for a number of reasons.

Typically, it’s not uncommon for drug abusers to refer to their product by its physical characteristics. “Brown Sugar” is coined from the unused product’s similarities to the common household cooking ingredient. Some more pure, more potent forms of Heroin will be called “Black Tar” because it is extremely sticky and dark in color.

Some other slang street names for Heroin are: Dope, Shot, Junk, and Smack Unfortunately, in an attempt to keep the drug a secret from family, police and the public in general, a Heroin user could have hundreds of terms in their arsenal when trying to acquire, use or sell the narcotic. Since most addicts are not readily willing to receive help, it’s important that you seek professional help, before confrontations are made, if you believe someone has a drug problem.

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