How Many Other Street Names for Crack are There?

Most parents of teenagers want to do everything they can to keep their kids off drugs. One positive step that parents can take is to learn the street names of drugs like crack. Sharing this information with their teenagers may prevent their kids from ingesting a drug that is hiding behind another name. Take a look at some of the street names for crack. Also, find out how this knowledge can prevent your teen from trying this dangerous drug.

Street Names for Crack

Crack has a wide variety of street names including bopper, candy, beam, rock and mighty white. Some of the names have to do with its color and shape while others relate to the effect it has on users. There are a lot of street names for crack that sound rather harmless. Consequently, teens may smoke or ingest crack thinking that it’s as harmless as its name. This is one way that drug dealers get teens hooked on crack. They disguise crack as something else and by the time a teen realizes what it is, he or she has a full-blown addiction. However, being aware of the street names for crack can help teens to keep away from this deadly drug.

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Protecting Teens at Parties

Many teens who go to parties at friends’ houses encounter others who are using drugs. If a teen knows about the street names for crack, he or she is less likely to be tricked into trying this drug when it is being passed around as something else. In fact, knowing about the harmless names attached to crack and other drugs, can help a teenager to steer clear of a lot of illegal substances used at parties.

Protecting Teens While They Are in School

Sometimes teens give samples of drugs to one another during school. One teen might pass a friend something called a ‘bopper’ or ‘candy.’ A teen who is aware of the various street names of crack will know to reject the friend’s offering. In addition, the teen may decide to cut ties with this particular ‘friend’ knowing that he or she is passing around substances that could be fatal. A teen who makes it a point to avoid other teens who are drug users, is more likely to stay drug free.

Looking Out for Your Teen and His or Her Friends

A teenager who knows the street names of crack can share this information with friends. This can serve to protect his or her friends if they are ever offered crack. Your teen’s friends may not know about the street names of drugs like crack. Today, it’s very easy for a teen to try crack without even knowing it. If more teens find out about the street names for crack, there may be a reduction in the number of young people who fall victim to this destructive drug.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

Finally, if you have a teenager who is addicted to crack, it’s critical to get help for him or her right away. Your first step may be to call the helpline at 800-447-9081. There are trained therapists and counselors working to help teenagers overcome their addiction to crack.

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