What Is Meth Acne, and What Other Physical Effects Occur When Using This Drug?

An extremely potent and dangerous drug, meth is one of the most physically altering illegal substances in use. Leading to such things as meth acne, meth mouth and meth mites, the physical signs are all too apparent when they begin to occur. If left to continue wreaking havoc on the body, meth will cause irreversible physical damage.

Meth Acne

Crystal meth is a stimulant. This means it causes your body to become excited. Your heart rate increases, as does your internal temperature. Because of this you begin to sweat more than usual, which throws your natural balance of normal perspiration out of whack, leading to oilier skin. These oils clog the facial pores, which then leads to the occurrence of acne on the face. While this may not be bad for those who wash their faces regularly, most meth users forego personal hygiene, resulting in increased acne and oily skin.

Meth acne isn’t the only thing that affects the face. After taking the drug, it causes the blood vessels to constrict, reducing the amount of blood flow to the face. Without normal circulation, the skin takes on a gray and leathery appearance. After a long addiction, the blood vessels are permanently destroyed and the face can no longer heal itself, turning meth acne lesions into permanently open sores.

Meth Mouth

The face is far from the only area seriously affected by this drug. Meth mouth is the term coined to describe how meth users, even those who haven’t been using for very long, have a mouth full of teeth that are rotting, stained and blackened. This comes about for a variety of reasons. The first bit is the shrinkage of blood vessels. These small blood highways supply vital nutrients to the mouth to keep it healthy. Once they no longer function properly, the oral tissues are unable to fight off infection, leading to gum inflammation and tooth decay. Second, the mouth stops producing saliva. Because the saliva isn’t there to wash away harmful acids naturally produced in the mouth and by food, the acids start eating away at the teeth, increasing the chances of tooth decay. Combined with a general lack of oral hygiene, the oral environment simply deteriorates. Like acne, it’d be more controlled if proper care were in place; however, most users neglect brushing and flossing all together.

Meth Mites

Coined by the common feeling that bugs are crawling under the skin, meth mites is the term used to describe the sores that cover the faces of meth addicts. Because of the crawling sensation, many addicts take to picking at their skin to the point of causing open wounds to appear. Since the blood vessels are either constricted or destroyed, the platelets that normally halt bleeding and form scabs cannot do their job, resulting in the sores remaining open. The biggest issue, however, is how easily these sores can become infected. Without any strong defense against invading dirt and bacteria, addicts can quickly find themselves in the hospital because of infections that become out of hand.

If you or a loved one is suffering from meth addiction, don’t wait another day. Meth is extremely harmful, and prolonging its usage will only make healing that much harder. Call our helpline at 800-447-9081 today.

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