How Does Meth Usage and Possible Addiction Create Meth Scars?

An addiction to meth is a serious thing, and even limited usage can alter the way that the brain’s chemistry works. Essentially, this drug destroys the brain’s pleasure centers, making achieving a high more and more difficult. Meth is also a drug that has serious physical symptoms, and in addition to hair loss and rotting teeth, meth users are also known to be significantly scarred. If someone that you care about is dealing with a meth addiction, it is very important for you to understand what this scarring is and what is going on. Though the topic can be a sensitive one, it is an important thing for you to be aware of.

What Are Meth Scars?

In addition to other symptoms like hair loss, weakness and rotting teeth, people who suffer from meth addiction are known to have scars. These scars may occur anywhere on the body, but they are the most prevalent on the mouth, on the face and on the forehead. These scars are typically reddened and circular, and in many cases, especially before addiction becomes severe, they may look like acne or a light rash. However, as time goes on, these sores can become infected and large, taking up large areas of skin.

What Causes Meth Scarring?

While it is generally known that people who are addicted to meth have skin issues and scarring, the reason is not always known. The truth is that meth scarring comes from a few different sources. In the first place, people who are addicted to meth often suffer from a phenomenon known as fomication, where they feel as if there are bug’s on their skin. This can make them pick at their skin and scratch it. On top of that, a reduced supply of blood to the skin, caused by the fact that meth constricts blood vessels, can slow healing of existing damage. In addition to these two factors, people who are dealing with meth often sweat toxins out of their pores, leaving their skin reddened and damaged. All of these factors can make scarring occur, and it is generally considered an inevitable side effect of the drug.

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Meth scars may also be caused by burns. People who smoke meth are often careless with the pipe, which can be heated to high temperatures. This can lead to smoking that causes scars and burns around the mouth.

Are Meth Scars Permanent?

The permanency of meth scars is an individual issue. As long as someone gets off meth and stays off of it, the scars will be reduced, and they will heal in time. However, old and raised scarring may remain. Surgery and similar dermatologist-guided support can help reduce meth scars over time and help them blend in with the rest of the skin.

However, as with any addiction, consistency is key. Before the scars are even treated, addiction treatment should begin. If a meth addict resumes their habit, the things that cause the scars, and thus the scars themselves, will be back.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

Whether you are someone who cares about someone with a meth problem or you have a meth problem yourself, remember that there is help out there. Call our helpline at 800-447-9081. Through this hotline, you can get in touch with people who know how to help you and who are willing to help you find the resources you require.

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