Meth is a common synthetic or man-made drug that is being used by many people worldwide. While Meth is a man-made drug, not only is it being used by people all over the world but it is also being produced by people all over the world.

Meth started to first become popular during World War II as the troops would use this particular drug to stay awake for long periods of time. As the soldiers returned home to their towns and families, they introduced Meth and it spread like a wild fire through the United States. Before being used in World War II, it is said that Meth was also used in places like Japan.

As with any type of alcoholic beverage or drug, users choose Meth to try to fit in, relax or just to try it out of curiosity. There are many different reasons that one can become addicted to this particular drug, because it gives a burst of energy that can last and can give a sense of relaxation. Meth is considered to be one of the most highly addictive drugs that a person could use. Most people who use Meth can become addicted from just the first or second use of the drug. Although there is a high peak of Meth users ranging in ages from 18 years of age to 35, anyone can become addicted to Meth, no matter what their age, sex or race is.

With Meth being a synthetic, man-made drug, people set up laboratories which can be abandoned houses, garages, sheds, in the trunks of vehicles or even in the lower priced hotel rooms. There are many different ways and strategies on how to make, or often referred to as “cooking”, Meth. But each way can be extremely dangerous and sometimes even deadly to the person that is preparing the Meth. Meth can be prepared many different ways and all with ingredients that can be purchased at local stores or can even be things that are sitting around in your house or garage. Some of the popular ingredients used while preparing Meth are: common cold medicine such as Mucinex, Sudafed, Theraflu, lantern fluid, acetone – which can be found in fingernail polish remover or household cleaning items, and drain cleaners just to name a few of the ingredients. While making Meth, it is highly dangerous because often times the different concoctions can cause an explosion creating great danger for the one that is making the Meth. Often times the one preparing the Meth can become severely burned on their hands and face from the high intensity or the explosion. There have also been a number of reports of people that have cooked Meth and had explosions that create the whole laboratory to blow up causing the one preparing the Meth to die instantly.

While Meth is a very scary drug for not only the users of the drug but their friends and family as well, many are still getting addicted to the drug daily. It continues to remain one of the most well-known drugs available.

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