What methods are there for taking drugs?

What methods are there for taking drugs?

Methods of drug administration depend on the type of drug that is being used. Typically, there are multiple ways of using each type of drug. The way a person takes drugs can have an impact on the intensity of the high as well as how fast the person feel the substances. It is important to keep in mind that taking drugs is dangerous to your health regardless of what method is used.

Smoking Drugs

Many drugs can be smoked as a route of administration. This is also considered the most common way of using. Drugs that can be smoked are typically put into a smoking device such as a pipe or may be rolled into a cigarette. Some of the frequently smoked substances can include: Marijuana, Cocaine, Methamphetamine and Heroin, to name a few. This particular way of taking drugs can cause respiratory problems in some people in both short and long term use.

Snorting Drugs

Snorting drugs is also a common way of taking certain drugs. This way of administration involves snorting the drugs through the nose. Cocaine is the most common drug that is used by this method; however, more and more people are beginning to snort things such as crushed pain pills. Heroin and Methamphetamine can also be used this way as well. This type of high typically lasts between 15 and 30 minutes depending on the amount taken.

Intravenous Drug Use

Intravenous drug use or IV drug use is the method of taking drugs by using a syringe to inject the drug directly into your body. When taken this way, the substances can be either injected into the bloodstream or the muscle. This method of taking drugs is the quickest way to feel the full effects of the drugs. As with other methods of using , there are multiple drugs that can be administered this way. Some of which are Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Heroin and several others. This route of administration could be considered the most dangerous as the drugs are put directly into the bloodstream. When using substances this way, there is no way to tell how much is too much. Severe side effects and even death can result from putting drugs directly into the blood stream.

Oral Drug Use

Oral drug use is the method in which they are taken by mouth and swallowed. This method takes more time for the drug to get into the bloodstream as it has to be absorbed by the stomach. This method of taking drugs is known to be less dangerous as the body slowly absorbs drugs when taken this way. Other drugs that can be taken this way include LSD and Ecstasy. LSD is typically placed under the tongue while Ecstasy is normally swallowed. Drugs such as Cocaine and Methamphetamine can also be taken this way as well.

If you or someone you know is suffering from drug use or abuse, there is no need to be ashamed or scared to reach out for help. Always remember that you are not alone and there is help readily available. Doing drugs can lead to many health problems and can even lead to death if use continually increases.

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