Mixing Heroin and Alcohol – Your Choice – Your Life

Heroin is an illegal drug; it’s also considered one of the most deadly and potent narcotics available. It’s a deadly substance that is immediately addictive and can depress neurotransmitters in the brain. Relaying information from cell to cell, neurotransmitters tell your heart to beat and your lungs to breathe. When those transmissions are interrupted, the body is placed in grave danger. Alcohol depresses neurotransmitters in the same way. The combination of both Heroin and alcohol is doubly dangerous and will cause extreme harm or death.

Ingesting both Heroin and alcohol at the same time can result in a coma, leaving the patient with permanent brain damage that may cause behavioral, cognitive and physical disability problems. Both substances attack the central nervous system, which is responsible for regulating breathing and a person’s heart rate. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take too long to damage the brain when oxygen is cut off. The situation can quickly compound because once the brain loses the ability to function, it can no longer properly regulate other vital organs. If such substance abuse isn’t stopped immediately, catastrophic results can occur and have long-lasting effects.

Substance Abuse Warnings Ignored

Despite the fact that there are ample warnings about the separate use of Heroin and alcohol, the user drastically increases their odds of a stroke or death when both substances are used together. Substance abuse creates the urge to get high; some concurrent addictions occur when a Heroin addict turns to alcohol to fill his/her cravings for Heroin.

Addressing the Triggers of Heroin and Alcohol Addiction

Counseling and medical help are two solutions to helping overcome a Heroin and alcohol addiction. The psychological habits that caused the addiction have to be dealt with for long-term positive effects. Emotional problems, which are prevalent in a fast-paced modern society, are often the main drivers of substance abuse and addiction.

Abusive habits are easy to form because a single smoke, sniff, shot of Heroin or alcohol can cause feelings of euphoria and well-being. However, as any addict will admit, it doesn’t take long for the reality of life to reappear. They soon realize that a quick-fix is not the answer, it’s just a temporary solution that will disappear. The journey back to society begins when the addict makes an effort to find other ways of releasing and dealing with suppressed feelings in a positive and productive manner. Fear, guilt, sadness, boredom, anxiety, loneliness and anger are the core causes that can lead an individual down the dangerous road to addiction.

Maintaining the Right Attitude

The old saying “you are what you eat” remains true. Take the necessary vitamins, eat healthy foods and drink lots of water. Fighting an addiction of Heroin and alcohol will be a very difficult fight for your life. It may take weeks or months to get the gripping habit under control. It means that you will have to do everything differently, including making a change in your social circle.

Recovery is a lot for an individual, who’s challenged with substance abuse, to take on alone! Family members, loved ones and friends do suffer in the supportive role in recovery, as well. Substance abuse affects everyone that is associated with the person who is fighting an addiction. If you or a loved one suffers from Heroin or alcohol abuse, seek help immediately by calling our addiction hotline 800.447.9081. Substance abuse is a sure sign that a life is in danger.

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