The modern views of addiction

Drugs and addiction are now viewed a lot differently than they used to be. The idea of substance abuse and its consequences used to only be mentioned behind closed doors. Today, discussing the topics of the legalization of marijuana and admission to an addiction treatment center is becoming the norm in society, the Economic Voice stated.

The legalization of marijuana

The controversy surrounding marijuana legalization is immense. Some believe the drug is harmless, while others feel that it has great consequences and may lead to other forms of substance abuse. Yet fighting drug sales only worsens problems and can increase sales along the border with Mexico.

Drug use is also prevalent in many U.S. prisons and internationally. Charging criminals with drug use is only making matters worse. People battling addiction who are imprisoned cannot seek rehabilitation treatment or be educated on the dangers of substance abuse.

Some states have pushed for the legalization of marijuana, such as Colorado. Yet the federal government is still against it, making for a very interesting battle.

The views on people facing addiction

Drug addiction views have also changed in today’s world. There are still many stigmas against addiction. However, thanks to a plethora of studies on addiction, the concept is now becoming more accepted as a disease. The American Society of Addiction Medicine released its thoughts on addiction, stating it is a neurological disorder, The Fix reported. The statement has caused a lot of controversy, with some claiming the organization is making excuses for those facing addiction.

Many are beginning to view substance abuse and addiction as less of a criminal issue and more of a societal issue. This means people are turning the focus away from imprisonment and toward addiction treatment centers.

The concept of addiction treatment centers

Addiction treatment centers are becoming prevalent throughout the Western regions and in other parts of the world. According to a report from the Treatment Episode Data Set, 23.5 million people were admitted to a treatment facility in 2007. One of the main reasons for the acceptance of these facilities is the elimination of myths that surround addiction and rehabilitation treatment. Some of the most common myths are that people cannot seek treatment until they have reached “rock bottom” or that people who admit to a drug addiction are immoral and powerless.

For now, this is how addiction is most commonly viewed. Only future research and statistics can allow society to open up their eyes and change their views.

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