What Are the Names of Marijuana Used By Teenagers Today?

Marijuana continues to be the most popular drug in use among teenagers today. Because many states around the United States are taking action to legalize the drug, it has gained even more notoriety and ease of access.

Just because the government has decided to legalize marijuana in certain areas doesn’t mean it’s any less dangerous for a teenager to use. This gateway drug can lead to other addictions with serious repercussions. Marijuana itself can also cause a great deal of harm to a growing body.

Many parents are left in the dark because they don’t understand the slang teenagers use when it comes to obtaining marijuana. Understanding the names of marijuana that teens use to keep their illicit drug use from parents is very important. Here are some of the most common names of marijuana that teens use today.

Slang Names of Marijuana


Marijuana is known as “ashes” because of the ashes the drug leaves when smoked. This term can be used among families with smokers – teens will make their parents think they’re talking about cigarettes.


Although stinkweed was used originally to refer to bad weed because it stunk, this term has come to represent all weed. You may also hear your teen refer to weed as “skunk” for the same reason.

Mary Jane

This is perhaps the most common and popular slang name for marijuana. Teens will often ask, “Where’s Mary?” or “Have you seen Mary?” to make parents think they’re concerned for a friend. In truth, Mary or Mary Jane is weed, and “finding Mary” means a teen has found a connection with a person who’s holding weed.


Nuggets refer to the small buds that some marijuana comes rolled in before it’s placed into rolling papers or other ingestion methods. The term “bud” may also be used for the same reason.


Herb refers to the fact that weed is a plant. Many people mistakenly believe that weed is referred to as herb because it has properties of healing or some sort of nutritional value. Although some strains of marijuana are used for medicinal purposes, the positive benefits are lessened when not under the care of a doctor.


Weed is known as grass because it’s actually a plant that looks like grass. The word “grass” is very commonly used and easily can be substituted for weed right under the nose of a parent. Keep a close eye on the context of sentences, not just the individual words.

If you think your teen has a problem with weed, call our 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week hotline at 800-447-9081. The problem of marijuana is becoming more prevalent because of the laws and culture within the country that have mistakenly branded marijuana as a safe drug. You must keep a close eye on teenagers. They’re experts at getting around your watchful eye if you fail to understand the slang they use to get their hands on drugs. We’re here to help you and your family create a balance in your teen’s life without the use of marijuana.

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