New Drugs of Abuse and Their Inherent Risks

There’s an entirely new class of drugs for today’s youth culture. Designer drugs and synthetic substances are now becoming more prevalent on the underground scene. Ushered into prominence partly by new music from Europe and the electronica party scene, designer and synthetic drugs represent an entirely new level of risk.

Whether in on the scene or trying to keep a young person in your life on the right track, you must stay informed about this new class of drugs. The exact effects of these drugs can vary based upon the cocktail of ingredients that go into making the substances. It’s advised that everyone stay away from these underground drugs.

Staying Informed on New Drugs of Abuse

To fully comprehend what’s going on with new party drugs, you must understand the culture from which they come. European dance music has always been a drug-infused party culture. When the music makes its way into the United States and Canada, it always brings a great deal of new drugs with it.

The first crossover of European dance music into North America was during the 1990s. Drug use of opioids and cocaine spiked during that period across the world. Many of the most popular festival promoters were found to be fronts for drug operations. As a matter of fact, this was part of what shut down the scene in the early 2000s.

Today, this scene seems to have been rebirthed with even more vigor. The drugs brought on by the music are stronger than ever before. Although they may have the same names as the drugs of the 1990s, their potency and risks are much higher than the previous generation.

One of the most popular drugs in the new scene is LSD. However, this isn’t the LSD of previous generations. Although the base of the drug is still a hallucinogen, it’s infused with many synthetic elements that have a much more protracted effect. The synthetic elements of the drug are much harder to remove from the body, which can cause resultant side effects to linger in the system far longer than ever before. Some individuals who take LSD today will have psychotic episodes for years to come. This is true even if they don’t indulge in the drug ever again.

A new strain of ecstasy is also rearing its head as a very popular club drug in the modern party scene. This strain of ecstasy is highly synthetic in nature. The high from the drug is much more effective; however, the risks associated with it also are increased exponentially. There’s a much greater danger of immediate brain damage with the ecstasy of today. The new strain also creates the effect of dehydration much more quickly, causing users to feel lightheaded and faint. Dehydration can lead to many other conditions, including heart palpitations, collapsed lungs and various forms of irreversible brain damage.

Risks Associated With New Drugs of Abuse

New Drugs of Abuse and Their Inherent Risks The first and most dangerous risk of new synthetic designer drugs is that the user doesn’t know what he’s getting. All of these drugs are manufactured without any standard, meaning the manufacturer can create drugs with ingredients that increase the side effects without any regard to the health of the user. Most manufacturers of underground party drugs are only concerned with the potency of the high the drug gives. Many strains of LSD and ecstasy are mixed with toxic chemicals, such as rat poison, commercial grade floor cleaner and chloroform.

With all of the synthetic ingredients in drugs today, there’s a much higher risk of long, drawn-out side effects and withdrawal symptoms. Many of these drugs can become addictive from a single use, attaching themselves directly to the central nervous system. New drugs of abuse also can cause immediate damage to the brain depending upon the biology of the user. There have been some cases of instant death when drugs are taken one on top of the other.

For instance, some people who’ve indulged in the new strain of LSD only once have evinced the symptoms of major depressive disorder. Some who’ve taken the new strain of ecstasy have irrevocably reduced their IQs from a single dose, limiting their abilities to expand social and professional contacts. Current medical technology hasn’t caught up to these drugs as of yet. Even facilities with the latest detox regimens may not be able to fully clear the body of the drug without a great deal of effort.

If you find yourself in the throes of any new drugs of abuse, please give the hotline a call immediately at 800-447-9081.

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