5 Things that May Put You At Risk for Opiate Abuse

The thought of abusing opiates sounds terrifying to you. Even if you are currently doing it, you still cannot believe that you somehow found yourself in this type of situation. Understanding why certain things lead you to opiate abuse can help you find a solution; if you have not yet started opiate use, then knowing this information can help you prevent it.

1. Genetics

No matter what you do, you cannot get away from your genetic history. Therefore, if an addiction to opiates runs in your family, then you may very well have a predisposition toward this condition. Opiate abuse is a very serious issue that family members might not be open to discussing. However, knowing your family history, especially when it comes to life-threatening problems, is extremely important for medical purposes. Sitting down with a trusted family member to express your concerns can help you uncover the truth and move toward a better life for yourself.

2. Certain Mental Conditions

Although your family might not have a history of opiate abuse, the members may have a history of certain mental conditions. For example, many of the people in your family might suffer from panic attacks or depression. These conditions do not always lead to drug abuse; that’s for sure. However, they can in some instances. Even if your family members who suffer from these conditions do not use opiates at all, you might do so in order to deal with what you feel. You should check into more than just whether or not anyone else has abused opiates before.

3. Abuse of Other Drugs or Alcohol

Whether it’s ingrained in your genes or in your mind, growing up around a system of drug or alcohol abuse can lead you down a dark path. When you constantly have drugs and alcohol around you, using them may not seem like that big of a deal. However, you likely do not know all of the things that go on behind closed doors with your family members when they abuse these substances. Thinking you’re seeing “positive” effects of abuse might encourage you to start using opiates.

4. Opiate Abuse as a Way to Deal With Problems

Some people start to use drugs because they think doing so will be fun; for some reason or another, they feel that this decision is a form of entertainment. Other individuals, however, start to take opiates or other drugs as a way to deal with the problems they are facing in life. These issues could be related to work, relationships, money and so forth. If you grow up around people who use drugs as a way to deal with their problems, then you might think that it’s entirely acceptable to do so yourself.

5. Casual Attitude About Drugs

Of course, you could become addicted to opiates even if no one else in your family is; however, their behaviors might have played a role in your own addiction. Perhaps when you were growing up, your parents did not care if you smoked marijuana, and you might have even seen them take the drug. They also could have allowed you to drink in their home with friends when you were underage, and as a result, you have developed a sense that breaking the law and abusing drugs is okay. These types of attitudes can lead you down a road of serious problems.

Evaluating your family history is an important step to ensuring you don’t become addicted to drugs yourself. Fortunately, when you give us a call, we can start to help you on your own journey toward recovery and to a more fruitful existence.

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