Overcoming Addiction: Celebrities In Recovery

All too often, friends and fans have mourned the passing of a celebrity who suffered an untimely death due to addiction. Addicted parents, substance availability and a jet-setting lifestyle that comes with fame and fortune are but some of the reasons celebrities fall into addiction. Like millions of everyday people, many celebrities over the years have become embroiled in substance abuse. However, many also make the decision to enter rehabilitation. While some openly admit to being in recovery, the discovery that others once lived a life of chemical dependency and are now among the many celebrities in recovery may come as a surprise.

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  Angelina Jolie

Though now married to Brad Pitt, mother of six children and known for her work on and off the screen, life was once not so glamorous for this celebrity. Barely of legal age, Jolie fell into a lifestyle that included abusing cocaine and heroin. Those who knew her during this dark passage in her life claimed that she regularly spent hundreds of dollars weekly to support her habit. Though she’s reluctant to share the details of those early days, Jolie considers herself lucky to have survived and admits to have taken dangerous chances.

Bradley Cooper

Starring in numerous movies and considered one of the most popular male actors in recent years, it may be hard for some to believe that Cooper is also one of many celebrities in recovery. In an interview, he shared that after spending many years of abusing alcohol and drugs, an event at a party made him fear for his life. While at a party and under the influence, the actor claimed that he felt the need to prove how tough he was and proceeded to bash his head on a concrete floor. Shame and the realization that he was swiftly following a path of self-destruction led Cooper to choose rehab, and he has remained sober.

Jamie Lee Curtis

The actress revealed that she became addicted to prescription medication after a surgical procedure necessitated using pain relief formulations. Ironically, while making the film “Freaky Friday” with her then young co-star Lindsey Lohan, Curtis admits that she was also an alcoholic. Not many people were aware of her addictions and Lohan would later make repeated headlines for her battles with substances. Nonetheless, Curtis made the decision to enter rehabilitation and feels that recovery is one of her greatest life achievements.

Collin Farrell

Another one of the admitted celebrities in recovery is this Irish heartthrob. Farrell admits to continually living under the influence of alcohol and drugs for more than a decade before deciding to come to grips with the problem. Among the substances that controlled his life were prescription pain medications that he began taking after an injury. Though trying to hide the affliction and largely able to perform, the actor admitted that while filming, he would often miss days from work because of the habit. Realizing that he wasn’t the parent he wanted to be and that he was slowly destroying his career drove him to seek help.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

Addiction can happen to anyone regardless of age, gender, popularity or financial means. Help via our hotline is also readily available to anyone willing to overcome the habit. Whether needing to locate a treatment facility or having questions concerning particular substances, anyone can contact the helpline at 800-447-9081.

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