What does physical Cocaine addiction look like?

What does physical addiction to Cocaine look like?

Cocaine addiction or dependence may be psychological in nature, but abuse of the drug can certainly affect an addicts physical appearance and their behaviors. If you believe someone may be abusing a powerful stimulant like Cocaine, knowing what a physical addiction can look like can be extremely helpful. Read on to learn what addiction to Cocaine can look like and take action to help someone you love detox and recover from their substance abuse problem.

Understanding What a Cocaine High Looks Like

Cocaine is a stimulant that can lead to euphoric feelings and a feeling of mental clarity. This addictive drug generally has a similar affect on all users the first time, but the high associated with using the drug becomes less pleasant over time. This is why addicts need more and more of the drug to achieve a high when they use frequently. Users will feel extreme joy immediately following use because the substance makes the brain release high amounts of dopamine. Following use, the user will experience a crash and then begin craving more of the drug to feel pleasure once again and to fight off withdrawal symptoms, thus worsening their Cocaine addiction problem.

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How Can You Tell By Physical Signs That Someone is Addicted to Cocaine?

If you have concerns that someone in your family or someone in your circle of friends is suffering from Cocaine addiction, knowing what clues to look for is important. There are red flags that can verify your suspicion that the person that you love has a drug problem. Be aware of the fact that these signs are not a surefire way to spot a Cocaine addiction, they are just clues that more attention should be paid.

Stimulants affect the nervous system, and because of this, using a stimulant like Cocaine can constrict the blood vessels and increase your heart rate. The increased heart rate can also lead to increased body temperatures, which leads to increased amounts of perspiration. This is actually the body trying to get rid of the dangerous substance. Some of the physical signs that an individual is snorting powder Cocaine or injecting Cocaine include:

* Dilated pupils
* Sensitivity to light (often wearing sunglasses inside)
* A chronic runny nose
* Frequent nose bleeds
* Damage to the nasal septum or inflammation around the area
* Puncture marks in the forearms or other areas where veins can be accessed
* Present of white powder around the nose

What Behavioral Changes Should You Look Out for?

In addition to the physical signs of Cocaine addiction, you may notice changes in the person’s behavior. If you see both the physical signs and behavioral changes, there is a good chance that there is a problem. Here are some of the changes in behavior and personality that you should be concerned about:

* Hyper activity or increased activity
* Aggressiveness or violence
* Decreased desire to sleep
* Loss of appetite
* Impulsive decision-making
* High-risk choices
* Irritability and anxiety
* Paranoia
* Changes in mood
* Upbeat mood that quickly turns to depression or lethargy

If you see these signs, you notice changes in behavior, and then you find drug paraphernalia, it is very important that you approach your loved one in the right setting. You should let them know that you are concerned for their safety and gain their trust before you begin lecturing them. Cocaine addiction is a disease and someone who suffers from it needs to seek treatment so that they can begin a withdrawal program in a safe environment. Once they have detoxed, they can learn skills to use in recovery so they are able to stay clean and happy. Look for the physical signs of Cocaine addiction, take action, and help the person you love get help.

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