The Physical Effects of Addiction: Meth Mouth Before and After Pictures

Meth is one of the most dangerous and deadly drugs that the modern age has produced. Meth is easily made, dirt cheap and available everywhere. Because meth is so easily accessed, addiction to this terrible drug is growing at epidemic levels.

Meanwhile, the unpleasant side effects of meth – ranging from psychotic episodes, physical degeneration and premature death – are also increasing. The Internet is full of photographs that show the unpleasant side effects of meth addiction. A simple Google search for “Meth mouth before and after” photos will quickly educate you on one of meth’s most hideous after effects.

It Is Impossible to Know Exactly What Is In Meth

The ingredients used to make meth are plentiful and easy to obtain. Most of them are derived from simple recipes, but there are always bound to be “secret” ingredients that are added in by the maker for reasons of their own. The drug manufacturer’s philosophy is a simple one: Whatever makes the batch of drugs come together faster is what they’ll use. It’s all about profit, and concern for those using the drug never enters their minds.

Side Effects Caused By the Unknown Chemicals In Meth

Because meth usually contains more than the textbook ingredients, there’s really no way to know what exactly is in the drug purchased from a dealer on the street. Some of the drug may be baking soda, or perhaps talcum powder. However, many of the ingredients meth is “cut” with contain harmful chemicals that have corrosive effects on the teeth. This is one of the reasons many long-term meth addicts tend to develop the dreaded “meth mouth.”

Meth Mouth Before and After Pictures

As noted above, one look at these “meth mouth before and after” photographs will show the effects of long-term meth abuse on an addict’s teeth. The chemicals in the drug wear down a user’s teeth, leading to cavities and erosion. The constant “chattering” that meth use causes is also a factor in the destruction of an addict’s teeth.

As addiction to this dangerous drug becomes worse, users may end up losing many teeth, either to decay or from being knocked out during a fall or an altercation with another addict.

Other Unpleasant Side Effects of Meth Addiction

Of course, “meth mouth” isn’t the only harmful side effect an addict faces. There’s also the possibility of having a seizure, heart attack or stroke. There’s the rapid aging that meth users seem to undergo, and the possibility of being imprisoned for committing crimes to raise the money to buy more drugs. The life of an addict is rarely a pleasant one.

It’s Never Too Late to Get the Help You Need to Beat Meth Addiction

If you’re struggling with meth addiction, the first thing you should know is that it’s never too late to get help. No matter how far you’ve fallen into addiction, you can regain your health and happiness. All it takes is to admit that you’re an addict, and that the problem is beyond your ability to solve by yourself. For more information on how to get the treatment and therapy you need to beat meth, please call the special helpline at 800-447-9081 today.

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